Dear Friend,

If you can spare a few minutes in the evening you can profit.

After dinner, during a TV Ad break, when the kids are in bed... it doesn't matter.

All you need is just a few spare minutes to draw 2 simple lines.

If the lines 'match' you could snap up £28... £40... £100 or more placing simple, ultra low-risk 'set and forget' Forex trades.

You don't need to use any complex chart indicators and you never take big risks with your bank.

You'd have banked £873 a month on average
from these simple evening trades

This is designed to fit around you.

You'll never have to trade at the crack of dawn or during the working day and you'll never be glued to your screen.

It's perfect for both new and experienced traders and I'd love to show you how you can start profiting from it today.

But first let me make one thing clear.

All the results you see here are REAL. They are fully audited by a third party, not back tested trades.

This is important. Like you, I'm extremely sceptical about how some so-called "Forex gurus" come up with their pie-in-the-sky figures and wanted to distance myself from them completely.

That's why I had every trade sent to an independent auditor so that the track record could be confirmed beyond doubt.

I'll give you full details later but first...

Let me show you just how EASY it is to profit from
this simple 'set and forget' evening trading strategy

I'm sick of systems that claim to be easy but turn out to be the complete opposite.

Without blowing my own trumpet I don't think there's a simpler, more convenient Forex trading technique than my Ad Break Trader.

I mean, could you cope doing this?


This is as close to a foolproof 'set and forget' system as you can get. You place a simple trade at around 8pm and that's it - you can switch your computer off and walk away.

You can also trade manually and increase your profits even further. It's totally up to you. Either way, the strategy is easy to learn and quick to apply.

In fact I'm so confident you'll make money using
this technique I'd love to let you try it risk-free

Rather than tell you how easy and straightforward my Ad Break Trader strategy is I'd much rather let you see for yourself.

That's why if you reserve a copy today you can try it RISK-FREE for a full 30 days.

Take your time to look at everything, take full advantage of my support, follow the trades using a demo account and decide for yourself just how profitable it is before you decide to keep it.

But there's something I should warn you about...

If you'd like to secure a risk-free trial space you'll need to be quick.

Ad Break Trader closes its doors to

new traders at midnight, 14th May 2014

This is so that I can offer the best possible support to members. Being there on hand to help should you need me is my number one priority.

This isn't some marketing gimmick. If you've used any of my other systems you'll know how strict I am on the numbers and how seriously I take support.

If you'd like to take advantage of a risk-free trial just click on the green button and fill in your details on the next page.

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Is this really something you can
do in a few minutes in the evening?

Yes! I designed this specifically to fit around the busy lives of ordinary people.

Not everyone's an early riser and can check the markets first thing. I also know that most people aren't able to trade during the day.

That's why I decided to create a strategy that you can use in the evening that takes just minutes to follow.

I call it Ad Break Trader because you really can do this while the adverts are on.

You just need 2 to 3 minutes to check a simple chart (and I mean really simple) and that's it.

Of course you don't have to be watching TV - you could check it quickly after you've done the washing up or after you've put the kids to bed - whatever fits your schedule.

Most evening trading strategies will have you glued to your screen, monitoring trades until the small hours. That's not much fun believe me.

With Ad Break Trader you can trade manually (live) if you'd like or you can simply spend a few minutes checking a very simple chart and then place a 'set and forget' trade at around 8pm that will open and close automatically.

Instead of flicking through TV channels you could
be making £28... £40 or £100 tax free every night

If you've got a PC or laptop and an Internet connection you can do this anywhere... from your kitchen table... sitting on the sofa watching telly... even in bed if you feel like it!

It only takes a couple of minutes to check and place your trades. That's it.

What else could you be doing in that time? Watching boring adverts on the TV? Checking Facebook? Wasting time online?

If you can put aside just a few minutes each evening you could pull in regular tax-free winnings from these simple Forex trades.

To date Ad Break Trader has only had one losing week and you'd have made 436 pips a month on average since independent auditing began (except for where there were two weeks of no trading).

This is as close as you can get to 'set and forget' trading but without the usual worries or hassles.

Let me introduce myself...

Jason Alexander

My name's Jason Alexander.

That's me there on the right looking, like my wife loves to say, "like a pig in a blanket". Thanks love ;)

Now if you're reading this, there's a good chance you've used or come across one of my trading strategies before: Forex Hijacker, Payback Trader or Money Line.

If so you'll know that my number one priority is in creating simple, useable Forex trading strategies which consistently make money for ordinary people.

You can see what some of my happy traders have to say on the right hand side here.

(And you can also see what the beta testers made of Ad Break Trader throughout this web page).

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel or promise that you'll make £10,000 a day and retire on a yacht somewhere after 2 weeks.

I created Ad Break Trader for anyone who wants to make realistic and consistent profits trading Forex, but doesn't have time to trade during the day and doesn't want to take big risks with their money.

So if you fancy making an extra £873 a month (that's trading at just £2 a pip) for just a few minutes 'work' each evening then please read on.

So what's the secret?

I've always approached the Forex markets differently.

Specifically I look at who has access to the kind of inside information that could impact the markets and then find a way to make money from it.

With Ad Break Trader I've found a way to take advantage of something that happens at a very specific time each evening.

I call it a "Magic Channel" and it's something that we can consistently profit from using this strategy.

Obviously I can't give away the secret here but let me give you an idea of just how straightforward this is.

In the image below you can see an ordinary chart:

Magic Channel

Now don't worry about anything outside of the two arrows, what we're interested in is behind the orange rectangle.

Something amazing happens behind this box - and it happens with remarkable consistency.

In fact it's so consistent that to date we've had an 76.47% strike rate on the GBP/USD and 76.99% on the EURO/USD (our two favoured markets).

It's a simple, yet predictable pattern that you could take advantage of and snap up 14 - 20 pips each time.

At £1 a pip that's £14 - £20 for a simple 2 minute trade. And these trades can happen 2, 3 or more times a night!

I'll even send you an email each evening to show
you where I think the 'magic' channel will appear

The strategy is so simple you don't actually need this, but I'm including it to make sure you have everything you need to profit.

I'd rather give you too much help rather than too little and if this helps you to get trading and in profit faster then great! I'm happy to do it.

That's why each evening I'll send you a heads up email pointing, in advance, to where I think the 'magic' channel will be that evening.

Now you can easily identify this channel yourself simply by glancing at the chart 2 or 3 times in the evening (it takes just a few minutes) but if you've never traded before you might find this gives you more confidence when you're starting out.

I'm including this trade alert service completely free of charge for a full 45 days.

As I said - you really won't need this but it's there for you all the same. I hate it when Forex gurus send you a thumping great manual then leave you to 'get on with it'.

You'll also have a unique and easy-to-use piece of
software that'll help spot the magic channel for you

Some people can look at a chart and instantly spot the 'magic' channel easily, without using any software whatsoever.

Others (those who are new to Forex trading) might find it harder at first - and that's completely fine!

That's why I've created a simple tool which actually draws these 2 lines over the chart for you so that you can instantly spot potential trades.

The whole purpose of the software I've had specially made for you is to make trading Ad Break Trader completely foolproof and get you making successful trades fast.

I also want to make absolutely sure that you're getting the most out of Ad Break Trader so that you can start profiting within your 30-day trial period.

I'll even take you through the previous day's
trading opportunities on screen!

This is a genuinely foolproof strategy and one that you could be using within an hour - much less if you've ever traded before.

But look, I'm a bit of a cautious, risk-averse chap.

I'd MUCH rather you take things slowly and paper trade to begin with until you're comfortable with how everything works.

That's why when you do start trading I suggest you bet with just 10p per point.

(Even though this is an ultra low risk strategy it's better to take things slow at the start).

Each morning I'll send you a short video taking you through the previous evening's trading opportunities.

I'll show you the 'magic' channels on screen so that you can check your own understanding of the system.

Beta testers have found this extremely helpful and if there's anything you're not at all sure about after watching these you can always drop me an email.

It takes just 2-3 minutes to check a trade
is on and less than 2 minutes to place it

You simply log on, fire up the software and check to see if the trade is on.

It takes no longer than 2 - 3 minutes to confirm a trade.

And if there's a trade on, the process is easy and it takes less than 2 minutes to place it.

(It actually takes less than that but I always like to just double-check I've put the figures in right!)

You only have to monitor a simple chart 2 - 3 times each evening (it only takes a couple of minutes each time) and then place a simple 'set and forget' trade between 8pm and 9pm.

You can also trade manually if you prefer - it's completely up to you!

But what about risk? There's always a risk with any form of trading isn't there?

Yes absolutely - and let me spell that risk out for you.

Could you sleep at night knowing that
the most you could lose on a trade is £11?

Ad Break Trader works on an 11 pip stop loss.

Let me put that into context.

If you were trading at £1 per pip, the most you could lose in a single trade following this is £11.

Could you sleep at night knowing that the most you'd risked was £11?

Yet the potential profit (again at £1 a pip) on an individual trade could be £12 - £20. And you could have 2 or more successful 'set and forget' trades each night!

That might not sound like much but that's for just a couple of minutes 'work' and these numbers snowball over time, especially as we have a strike rate of over 76%!

Based on past performance using Ad Break Trader you could have made £315... £518 and £336 over a month at £1 per pip (and £630 and £1,036 and £672 at £2 a pip).

I've come across Forex trading systems that offer incredible profit projections and pie-in-the-sky figures but when you read the small print your risk per trade is 50 pips or more.

One service I've come across recently puts your stop loss at 148 pips. If you were trading at £1 a pip that's £148 gone in a single trade - nearly 15% of your bank if you were starting with a £1,000 pot.

LOW risk trading yet at just £2 per pip
you'd still have made £904 in January,
£562 in February and £388 in April

Here's what your profits would have looked like at £1, £2 and £5 per pip.

Even using the lowest stakes that's £4,802 in just 11 months.

And remember all of your profits are tax-free.

I should point out something else...

This table doesn't actually tell the full story.

You see I've been testing this for well over a year myself but I wanted to give you cast iron, irrefutable results.

That's why I arranged for a beta tester AND paid for an independent auditor to post and confirm trade results.

This is a real trading system and some months will be betrer than others but as you can see even in April, our worst month to date, Ad Break Trader still drew a handsome profit.

If you can draw 2 simple lines you can make money

Profitable trading doesn't have to be difficult or risky.

It's always been one of my goals to demystify the process and make it accessible to everyone - not just the privileged few.

One of the things that always frustrated me is that there are so many systems which make trading Forex far more complicated than it needs to be.

Too many system creators insist on using lots of indicators and complex rules and generally seem hell-bent on making it as inaccessible as possible.

I think some sellers try and mask an average performance by overcomplicating the process so that they can't be blamed if anything goes wrong.

"Oh yes, you could have made XYZ if you'd done this that and the other".

It's a clever way for them to cover their backs.

I know my strategies work and without trying to sound too smug that's why I like to try and do the opposite - because I want people to know the truth.

I get the trading results audited, I offer full, personal support by email, you'll get your 'Magic Channel' alerts - and I'll even post an analysis of the previous evening's trading opportunities for you onscreen.

I've got absolutely nothing to hide and everything to gain by helping you to succeed.

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Anyone can use this, whether you're working full
time, a student, stay-at-home mum, retired...

Let me be clear.

This isn't some elitist system that's only for professional traders with £50,000 trading pots and a degree in advanced mathematics.

It's perfect for anyone who works full time or for stay at home mums, students or pensioners looking to supplement their income and make realistic money trading Forex.

And remember, you can start with as little as 10p per pip!

It's also perfect for more experienced traders looking for a fun bolt-on system to add more pips to their trading portfolio.

Anyone can use it. Whether you are a successful trader already or you've never traded before in your life.

Let's run through exactly what you can expect to
receive when you sign up for your risk-free trial


How much would you expect to pay for an FX trading
strategy that's averaged 436 pips a month profit?

Jason AlexanderI'm sure you've seen it all before.

Most Forex trading strategies cost AT LEAST £500+ per annum - or are charged at £100 - £200+ a month.

Not exactly widely accessible!

More often than not they offer extremely average support and have stop loss strategies in place that are frankly criminal.

(If you want to risk 10%, 25%, 50% of your bank each week to make a profit frankly you'd have better luck at the casino!)

This is a serious long term, LOW RISK strategy. I'll be there on hand for support should you need me (I aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours).

While I could easily charge £1,000, £2,000 or £3,000 + for this I'm not going to charge anything like that.

Right now you can try Ad Break Trader - risk-free - for just £247.

That's for absolutely everything.

But wait...

You only have until midnight, 14th May so if
you're interested in securing your risk-free
'easy pay' trial you'll need to act fast

If you've ever used one of my strategies before you'll know that I place HUGE importance on providing the best possible level of support.

I want you to succeed and unlike so many other so-called experts I'm right here to help you do that and include this support free of charge.

Great support has always been my number one priority and the only way I can maintain that is to keep the numbers small and manageable.

That's why I'm opening just 150 spaces on Ad Break Trader and the doors will close at midnight, 14th May.

I may be able to open up a handful of additional spaces in the future but I cannot guarantee when this will be or how many will be available.

If you have purchased one of my systems before you'll know that they sell out extremely fast so I just wanted to give you fair warning on this.

Remember you can have a FULL 30 days to try
this without any obligation to continue

Don't take my word for it, see it working for yourself for a month...

Paper trade (practice trade without using real money) and take advantage of my support before making your final decision.

You'll be sent everything you need to trade and start profiting from Ad Break Trader.

That includes your manual, the trader finder software, the daily trade predictor alert and my daily post analysis videos. You also get access to the Ad Break Trader private member website where you can find training videos and updates - and of course you get my full support!

I only want people who are completely happy with everything to stay onboard. If you're not happy, I'm not happy.

With that in mind, myself and my publisher, Canonbury Publishing Ltd, have put a watertight risk-free guarantee period in place to give you all the time and space you need to try this for yourself.


If you're ready to get started I can't wait
to welcome you onboard

All you need to do is click on the green button below no later than midnight, Wednesday 14th May.

If there's still a space remaining you'll be taken through to the acceptance page where you can fill in your details and enrol on your risk-free trial.

Within minutes you'll be given instant access to a downloadable version of the manual (with the hard copy to follow in the post) so that you can get started right away.

That's it - see you on the inside and I look forward to hearing about your successful Ad Break trades!

Best regards

Jason Alexander


Ad Break Trader

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PS: Why not claim your risk-free trial space and put it to the test? Paper trade for 30 days - that way you're not risking a penny. If you feel that for any reason it's not right for you during that time you can claim a 'no quibbles' refund.

PPS: Still got a few questions?

Here are some questions I'm often asked which might help answer any worries or concerns you may have:

Q. "Does this rely on a 'bot' that automatically place trades on my behalf?"

Absolutely not! Bots do not work - it's as simple as that. This isn't some unreliable software that messes around with your hard earned cash.

You place your own 'set and forget' trades each evening - and that's it, you're done. It takes just minutes.

Q. "Can I use this on different currency pairs?"

Yes you can use the Ad Break Trader on all the major currency pairs and I teach you how to spot them for yourself in the manual.

Q. "Will I need to use any technical indicators?"

None whatsoever. No Fibonacci indicators, MACD or any of that gubbins. Just 2 lines on a simple chart.

Q. "What's the minimum starting bank I need for this?"

I recommend starting with a bank of at least £250.

Theoretically you could start with much less as you can trade at just 10p a pip and your liability is always fixed at 11 pips going into a trade using the 'set and forget' strategy.

If you want to manual trade your liability is even less and you can set a stop loss of just 8 pips!

Q. "What time of day will I be trading?"

In the evenings! That's the beauty of Ad Break Trader. It only takes a few minutes and you dip in during the evening between 6 - 10pm. That means no more early starts... lunchtime trading or late nights.

Q. "How much can I expect to make from this?

I always say you should try and aim for 50-100 pips per week - that's including losses. (As with all forms of trading you will have some losses).

To date Ad Break Trader has made 4,802 pips profit in just 11 months. These results are fully audited.

Q. "When can I get started?"

Right away! You can use this strategy to trade 5 days a week (Mon-Fri). You can order now, read through your online manual and start trading on the next working day.

Your manual will be made available to you for download immediately.

Just fill in your details and you'll be directed to a secure member's website.

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