Revealed: The remarkable true story of a
school dropout turned ‘High Street Bandit’…


Last year, you could have ‘hit up’ Northern Rock, M&S, Barclays, BSkyB and dozens more like them – for ‘cash injections’ ranging from £95 to £3,880 in as little as 8 days

Give me 5 minutes, and I’ll show how YOU TOO could be raking in a potential £19,500 - £48,000+ a year TAX FREE from this clever little money-maker.

(All you need is 20 minutes a day, an Internet connection…and the desire to dip your sticky fingers into a multi-billion pound honey pot!)


Dear Curious Reader,

I admit it…

I’m a pickpocket.

But not the kind that bumps into you on a crowded street and relieves you of your wallet.

Instead, I ‘skim cash’ from some of the most powerful and profitable companies in Britain. And I do it legally – that’s the important part.

For example, using my secret in 2007, you could have raked in big trading profits…in just 20 minutes a day…doing your ‘pick-pocketing’ from your own PC.

You could have made £210 from Glaxosmithkline...£900 from B H Biliton... £172 from The Royal Bank Of Scotland...£380 from Anglo American...£134 from British name just a few. (By the way, the FTSE 100 is just ONE of many markets you could be dipping in and out of).

Sounds like good money?

Well take a look at how much these ordinary people have made...

In the last 2 months of 2007 Terry Hodgkinson made £7,881 using my strategy . . . and is now up £16,200 just 3 months after he started!

Michelle and John Palmer DOUBLED their initial trading fund in 6 weeks and transferred more money PER WEEK into their bank account than they earned a MONTH when employed full time.

Retired John Farrier raked in £1,000 a week.

Gary Rhead used it to bring in £10,000 in less than one week.

Iain Carruthers made £300,000 over 3 years.

In the paragraphs that follow, I’ll show how YOU could do the same.

(Throughout this letter you’ll see more genuine testimonials from people who are creaming off profitable trades on FTSE 100 shares as well as other hot markets.)

You’ll find everything you need to know... how I accidentally discovered a way to ‘pickpocket’ the City’s richest companies…why it’s not only legal but ENCOURAGED by the government…and how using this secret correctly could make you between £19,500 and £48,000 in the next 12 months… in your spare time.

These are very bold, specific claims.

That’s why I’ll give you 45 days to put them to the test, without any risk at all on your part.

Like me, you probably hate it when people beat around the bush.

So what, EXACTLY, is this all about?

If you have 20 minutes a day and an Internet
connection, I'll show you how to make £1,625 - £4,064+ a month as an ‘online pickpocket’...

OK, let’s get two things clear to start with...

First, I use the term ‘pickpocket’ because it’s the best way I can think of to describe this somewhat unconventional way of making money. You’ll see why in a moment.

But don’t worry...

There’s nothing illegal – or even unethical – about this way of creating a second income from home. (Although it is different to anything you’ve come across before.)

If you’re open-minded when it comes to exploring new ways to increase wealth, this proven method – which I discovered by accident in 1997 – is something to consider very seriously.

Second – if you’re going to stick with me over the next five minutes or so – you mustn’t be scared of a sudden and significant jump in income.

I know, it sounds crazy, but some people – deep down – don’t want more money, and the responsibilities and hassles that can come with it.

What I’m about to show you has the REAL potential to make you an extra £19,500 to £48,000 THIS year – tax free! If that kind of extra cash seems inconceivable to you...or just scares the hell out of you...this may not be your cup of tea.

Now we’re on the same page.

Let’s get straight to the nitty gritty...

You may have guessed already this has something to do with the stock market.

Specifically, I’m about to reveal a very simple way you can secretly track – and COPY – the money moves of some of the UK’s richest investors.

Wait a second! Please don’t stop reading until you know these important facts...

  • You don’t need to know a single thing about the stock market to make money from this. This method works for anyone...even those who’ve never bought a stock or picked up a copy of The Financial Times in their lives.
  • No strategic thinking or snap decisions are required from you – ever. This is a ‘follow-the-directions’ way of making money. Profiting from it is as easy as baking a cake from a recipe book.
  • Once you’re up to speed this will take no more than 20 minutes each day. This has got nothing to do with ‘day trading’...and certainly doesn’t require you to be chained to your PC for hours at a time. Once you get this down pat, 20 minutes a day MAXIMUM is all you need.
  • You WON’T have to bury yourself in training manuals for weeks before you start. The beauty of this system is its simplicity. It could start generating an income within just a few days. And you’ll have complete, one-to-one phone and email support at home whenever you need it.


That’s good.

You know as well as me there’s a load of junk out there masquerading as good advice. You might even have been stung by so-called ‘business opportunities’ and ‘fail-safe trading systems’ that looked great on paper but failed to deliver.

I realise I have my work cut out convincing you this isn’t another one.

That’s why I’m going to prove every one of my claims in this letter.

And that’s why I’m offering you my system to test RISK-FREE for 45 whole days.

If it doesn’t deliver, you will have lost absolutely nothing.

If it does...well, you’ll see just how much of a difference to your life this little secret could make in just a moment.

First, I better introduce myself...

From unemployed near bankrupt to semi-retired
‘virtual shoplifter’ in just a few years

My name is Keith Cotterill…and I’ll start by telling you what I’m NOT.

I’m not an investment banker or high-flying stock broker. Instead, I’m just a regular private investor – like you – who got lucky.

I’m no high-IQ genius, either.

Heck, I’m not dumb. But I didn’t finish school, let alone go to university. I was in a pretty serious car smash in my final year at school, and despite a full recovery I never went back.

Cue a less than glamorous start to my professional life: golf cart repairman, milkman and insurance claim processor.

Then in 1987, things began to look up. I started a small business with an old friend which got off the ground quickly. However, 18 months later, my ‘friend’ left town – leaving me with nearly £35,000 in debts….

That, I like to think, was my life’s low point…

I had mortgage payments to make, a wife who was earning more than me and a baby on the way. Take it from me: you need no more than the three factors above to spur you into action.

Turns out, I took the right action...

Today I have NO financial worries...and my
‘working day’ lasts 20 minutes

Today the wife and the ‘babies’ (we have two now) have nothing to worry about. I’m not a flashy bloke – and I’m no multi-millionaire who splashes out on Bentleys and holiday homes in the Maldives. But I now earn a VERY comfortable income from home... in less time each day than it takes to watch an episode of The Bill.

As you can imagine, that’s a very special kind of financial freedom...

My days are taken up with practising the drums and just being a dad. My work (if you can call it that) can be carried out anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.

Me 'working' on the beach in Australia

Recently I went to Australia for a month to escape the British winter, and I made money sitting on my beachfront house balcony! And there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same . . .

I know…this is starting to sound like a Hollywood movie. (The ‘ordinary-guy-made-good-on-the-stock-market’ is a bit of a tired cliché these days.)

But this is my story, and I’m just telling it like it is.

I’m a chap from pretty humble beginnings who stumbled by accident upon a secret that seriously turned my life around.

During those dark days of phone disconnections and eating canned tuna for every meal, I was desperate to find a way out.

So I did a bit of research, picked the brain of a friend who worked for one of the big investment houses in the City...and tried my hand at trading the financial markets.

I must confess that I took to it rather well. Rolling up my sleeves and diving into share prices, indices and the like didn’t seem to faze me. It felt right from day one.

But I still only had moderate success at best for the first few years.

And then in 1997 I hit upon a startling that catapulted me out of poverty and into complete financial independence by the time the new millennium dawned.

I know for certain it can do the same for you.

Here’s what that secret is...

If you want to make serious wealth from the need to copy exactly what the

Think about it for a second...

Ever notice how, no matter what happens in the markets, the hotshot traders, investment bankers and brokers never seem to lose out?

Just take a look at what’s going on in the City...

As you read this, the financial institutions are dishing out more than £7.4 billion in bonuses (second only to last year's all-time record £8.8 billion) – mostly to brokers and bankers who ALREADY own more houses and have more spare cash than they could possibly need.

It’s getting INSANE.

Recently, The Sunday Times reported on a new craze among City types: “champagne battles”. The story told of a basement club on Oxford Street called Modiva, where men let off steam from a day on the trading floor by spraying each other with £4,500 bottles of Cristal.

One customer thought nothing of blowing £89,000 on a single evening.

The Sunday Telegraph recently recalled this conversation between an American and a British investment banker at a lunch in St James a couple of weeks ago…

“To be honest, I would work for a quarter of what I get paid,” says the American.

“That low?” quips his British colleague. “I usually reckon they pay me three times too much.”

No wonder London is becoming known as the
city of the haves and 'have yachts'!

But hang on a second…

Didn’t billions get wiped off the markets recently? What about the carnage caused by the American subprime mortgage crisis? I mean who could forget the queues of people outside Northern Rock trying to get their money out? Certainly the FTSE 100 is well down on where it was last year.

And yet, thousands of City workers continue to receive bonus cheques of more than £1 million in the mail!

So what’s the deal here?

How come the professional traders rake in the cash, year after champagne-swilling year, regardless of what the wider markets do?

The answer is simple…

Unlike the solo investor with a few thousand pounds to play with, professional traders are never at the mercy of the markets.

They MAKE the markets.

Prices don’t move by themselves. They are manipulated by the huge volumes traded by banks, fund managers, pension funds and investments houses.

There’s a famous line from legendary American speculator Jesse Livermore. When asked by a reporter whether he was on the bear side or the bull side of the market, he replied:

“Neither… I prefer to be on the right side.”

That’s how professional traders play the markets each day.

That’s why many of these men and women are now earning, according to MoneyWeek, over £600,000 a week!

And that’s why, if you’re smart, you’ll do everything you can to find out where these ‘bonus bunnies’ are investing their boss’s money right now...and put your money right there alongside it.

Which is precisely where I can help you today...

REVEALED: How to ‘stalk’ the moves of the investment elite – and ‘pickpocket’ gains like £950 in 11 days, £1,580 in 25 days and £3,880 in 49 days.

In 2007 you could have made £24,384 in just 6 months – that's the equivalent of just over £4,000 per month or annualised at more than £48,000 per year - simply by shadowing the moves of these professional traders.

Take a look at the profit sheet below and you’ll get a complete breakdown of the trades.

Here’s how you could have made £24,384 from June – December 2007
spread betting £5 per point by following my strategy

Name Position
Days In Trade  Points
Profit/ Lost
still trading
NOTE: This is just a sample of FTSE 100 stocks that the TESS software generated buy and
sell signals for in 2007.   Results are gross and based upon a £5 per point stake.

It's worth noting that this period included the big fall in the stock market when Northern Rock and the banking sector were hit hard by the mortgage crisis. In fact some of the best trades came from falling bank shares including Royal Bank of Scotland (86 points in 34 days), Barclays (122 points in 42 days) and good old Northern Rock (47.5 points in 21 days).

There are a few things you should note about this income...

First, notice that none of these gains are particularly spectacular on their own. That’s not how this simple little system works. Rarely does it throw up four-figure winners. The emphasis is on short to medium term trades.

And lots of them!

Second, these gains were NOT made buying thousands of shares in these companies. Instead, they were made using ‘spread betting’ – with initial stakes of just £5 per point. In other words, you do NOT need to front up loads of cash to make a very good income from this.

Once you are confident and have built up your bank you could be staking more – with £10 stakes and you could be staring at £48,768 in 6 months!

Of course, you can start with less. Even with a £2 per point stake you would have pocketed £9,753 in just 6 months - that's an average £1,625 extra per month or annualised to £19,500.

Spread betting is fast becoming one of the most popular wealth-building tools in the UK. In fact it’s estimated that the number of people with spread betting accounts is growing by an astronomical 25% a year... and will hit 1 million by 2010! (Don’t worry if you’ve never spread bet before – I’ll walk you through the whole process, from setting up an account to placing your orders.)

Before we go any further, make sure you’re clear on this though...

With spread betting, there is a higher level of risk than if you just buy shares outright. Yes, you have a chance of making huge potential profits – with a small initial investment and on tiny share price movements. But each time you trade there is a chance you can lose more than your initial stake.

As you’ll see in just a second, the secret trading method I’ve discovered utilises 3 unique, built-in ‘loss-limiters’ – so that even if a trade goes against you, your losses are cut short before they get a chance to impact on your overall monthly profit. But you need to be aware: this is not ‘nest-egg’ investing.

And the final thing you need to know about this monthly income...

You’ve probably noticed these gains were made from big, well known companies. Specifically, they all belong to the FTSE 100, an index of the largest 100 companies in Britain. (Although the professional money moves through ALL this technique can just as easily be applied to currencies, commodities or foreign stocks.)

But I’ve purposefully based my trading method around the big, household names of the London Stock Exchange.

And that, I believe, is what makes this opportunity TRULY unique...

Take me up on my risk-free 45 day trial invitation and you’ll be tracking and profiting from High Street companies that you know, understand, and are probably even a customer of - whether they go up or down! And once you become familiar with the strategy you can start exploiting other hot markets – I’ll even alert you to where the most exciting trades are happening in my regular Market Overview. More details later . . .

The difference is YOU won’t be trading them like the ‘average Joe investor’ on the street...

A unique concept: getting RICH from blue chips...
even if they are falling

Most investors buy a few hundred blue chip shares, file them away for decades and watch them inch up a few % a year. (If they’re lucky!)

That’s fine if you’re from the ‘security-before-profits’ school of wealth-building.

But it’s not going to make you rich.

You, on the other hand, can be piling up thousands of pounds a week from the likes of Sainsburys, BT and BP on the FTSE 100.

But more importantly, you won’t be at the mercy of the markets when you do it. The mistake most private investors make is they try to pit themselves against the professionals. They try to gather information and figure out the market for themselves.

It’s no wonder most novice traders lose money! They fall right into traps set by the professionals to suck weak traders (and their cash) into the markets...

And it was the biggest ‘trap’ of all that I discovered back in 1997. Once you understand this one simple idea, the markets will suddenly become one big cash machine you can dip in and out of...sure in the knowledge that you are following the TRULY ‘smart’ money.

Here’s the crux of what I’m about to show you...

When the big boys are active in the market, they leave behind tell-tale footprints. But those on the ‘inside’ have purposely made those footprints hard to track. That’s how multi-millionaire professionals hang onto their creating a world the average investor finds impossible to understand...let alone play for profits!

But it’s all a MYTH. People like you and me CAN get a piece of the action.

The only trick is figuring out how to play the game THEIR way...

If you can follow the money (by that I mean the professional money) then it really doesn’t take much to catch a ride with the main players.

And after several years of trial and error, I discovered how to do just that...

How someone else’s £16,000 windfall led to the
discovery of a lifetime...

In August 1997, I was annoyed.

A close friend of mine, a guy who I’d introduced to trading just two months earlier, had hit upon a jackpot profit. £16,000 in 2 weeks! I’d never made that kind of money before...and I’d been in the game for the best part of a decade.

Sure, it was a fluke. Even my mate admitted it. But I was still angry as hell. I’d been toiling at this for so long – and this guy, a complete novice, comes along and lands a win like that. Surely the markets aren’t that random! I refused to believe that all price movements were down to blind luck.

I had to find out why the share price had moved the way it did.

Like hundreds of frustrated traders out there, I could have worked for decades trying to get an answer. But I got lucky. Several days later I was looking at a quite unrelated chart and superimposed it on the bumper trade my friend had just closed out.

It took me a good 15 minutes, but soon I realised I was looking at something quite remarkable – big movements of professional money RIGHT BEFORE the share price shot skyward. I back-tested the same method on some other recent price movements inside the FTSE 100. And there it was in each and every instance...clear evidence of professional ‘profit taking’ PRIOR to a share price movement.

What’s more, I checked the commodity markets and discovered the EXACT SAME patterns.

Please don’t be put off if this sounds a little complicated.

You don’t actually need to know anything at all about the inner-workings of this secret in order to make big money from it, as you’ll see in a moment. I’m just trying to give you an idea of just how big a door I’d accidentally opened...

I’d found a way to predict EXACTLY when a FTSE 100 stock (or the price of oil, gold and dozens of other financial markets) is about to start a major up or down move!

The best way to explain it is to think of a slingshot (You know – those fun contraptions you used to hurl conkers with as a kid)...

The ‘slingshot secret’ that turns boring old blue
chips into constant cash machines...

Say the professionals are ‘taking profits’ from Marks & Spencer shares...

“A brilliant piece
of work!

It's so incredibly refreshing to finally see what forces are driving the market and see how these operate. After years of fumbling in the relative dark, this makes perfect sense.

With regards, Steve"

That means they’re SELLING millions of shares...and ‘loading up the slingshot’. The more profits they take, the further the slingshot is pulled back. It’s these ‘pull backs’ which are telltale signs that something big is about to happen to a share price.

Then, once this professional profit-taking is over, the elastic on the slingshot is released...the professionals start buying back M&S shares...and the share price is propelled forward.

Pull back...release...PROFIT!

It’s a cycle that repeats itself over and over again...a cycle that can make you very rich indeed, if you know how to detect its rhythms.

Look. I can’t explain the full ins-and-outs of precisely how I detect these movements in this letter. That would betray my students and compromise all of my hard work. It’s also why I will be asking you to stick to a confidentiality agreement if you accept my invitation. (This is nothing to worry about. It simply means that you agree not to divulge what I share with you to anyone else.)

What I CAN do is invite you to test this powerful secret for yourself – on a 45-day no obligation trial basis. You see, over the past 11 years I've developed a very special piece of software that helps identify these professional ‘slingshot pull backs’ for you.

It’s highly sophisticated in the way it’s been put together and functions...but, at the same time, extremely easy to install and even easier to use.

Read on and you’ll see exactly how it works...and how ordinary wealth-builders are using this software to trade WEEKLY gains ranging from £600 right up to £10,000...

Finally, a simple way to track the professional
money and trade for profit!

I’ve called the package Don’t Tell the Professionals. Its true beauty lies in its simplicity. any investment level...can profit from it.

All you need is an internet connection...a weekend or a couple of evenings to go through my simple ‘get started’ CD ROM tutorial...and then a willingness to set aside 20 minutes a day Monday to Friday making money from the system. (The London Stock Exchange closes for the weekend, so you’ll have them free).

First let the CD-ROM tutorial walk you through the basics – once you’ve popped it into your PC you’ll be installing the software in less than 3 minutes, and using the software to find potentially profitable trades.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to operate. Even if you’re a bit of a ‘technophobe’, don’t worry. Everything is explained in plain English, and I show you, click-by-click, precisely what you need to do to find each winning trade.

It will take maybe half a day to get through this section, even if you go back over a few parts. After this, you’ll be tempted to jump right in and start trading.

But hold up!

From there, this CD-ROM tutorial will give you an entirely unique view of how the professional money moves the markets. You’ll discover WHY the investment banks and hedge funds jump in and out of FTSE 100 companies on a daily basis...HOW share prices react to these money movements...and HOW, by simply ‘tailing’ the professionals, you can make an absolute fortune.

(You could easily profit from this software without exploring the background on how it works. But my students often find that knowing the theory behind ‘skimming’ money from FTSE 100 companies makes their trading gains all the sweeter!)

Then comes the Main Event...

‘Plug-in-and-profit’ tool helps you play
‘follow-the-leader’ with the professionals

The Don’t Tell the Professionals trading software has gone through several incarnations over the years. I’m always honing and improving it with my analysts and technical team.

But let me tell you now: the latest 2008 version – which we put the finishing touches on just three weeks before I started writing this letter – is probably as close to perfection as we’ll get.

As far as trend-picking capabilities go, this is one SERIOUS piece of kit.

But the really exciting thing about this ‘next-gen’ software is how completely user-friendly we’ve made it. When I say that using it is child’s play, I’m not kidding...

On a typical trading day, you simply sit down at your PC and activate the software. It will come up with a few initial options. It will then automatically scan the FTSE 100 index (or any other market if you wish) for telltale signs of professional money activity.

You don’t have to do a single thing. Just sit back with a cup of tea...and wait for the software to identify instances where the big money traders are BUYING INTO a blue chip company...or SELLING OUT of one.

When the software detects that the professional money is going to send a FTSE stock higher, it will tell you to place a BUY BET.

When it detects a price is about to drop, it recommends a SELL BET.

Thanks to the beauty of spread betting you could make massive gains on even the smallest moves in share price. Not only that, you could make just as much money from a FALLING share price as you would if it was heading UP! Remember earlier I showed you how the strategy could have positioned you to make great money from the troubled banking sector.

You don’t need any previous experience of the markets. You certainly do not need any knowledge of technical analysis, Elliot wave or Fibonacci. (If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, don’t worry, it’s not necessary to making money on the stock market!).

Just click your mouse...and watch the
system work its magic...

There are three main reasons why Don’t Tell the Professionals has become an underground hit with hundreds of novice traders around the UK...

First, it is a truly automated trading system. In fact any strategic or independent thinking on your part is actively discouraged. You let the professionals – with all their money and years of experience – make the decisions. You then let the software identify those decisions. All you do is follow the prompts, and place your order.

Second, this is NOT day trading. It doesn’t require you to be glued to the computer every minute of the day. In fact all you need to put aside is 20 minutes each day to activate the software, and let it pick out the simple signals that will tell you a share price is on the move.

Thirdly, and most importantly, this system is PROVEN to work.

But of course I’d say that – it’s my baby! Instead let’s hear from people who use it every day to make a sizeable second income from home...

“My overall profit since starting is now £16,200!”

“Just thought I would give you an update on how well I’m doing with dttp . . . I originally started [October 2007] my 2 spread betting accounts with £1,000 and £1,500, respectively . . . last week banked £3,600, and this week banked £5,225 my overall total profit since starting is now at £16.2 k . . . if I keep winning this amount 50-100k will not be out of sight, woo hoo!” Terry Hodgkinson

“Paid for itself in one week!”

“Don’t Tell the Professionals has already paid for itself in one week and now I am able to understand how and why the markets move as they do. Who needs a crystal ball? The information has always been there… right in front of me. This course has shown me how to look at the charts and see what’s actually happening. With practice I will be able to interpret what the charts are telling me without even thinking about it. I can now enter the market confidently, and more importantly, know the best time to get out” R. Clifton, Bedfordshire

“Up 138% in 2 weeks!”

“I had never used any online trading sites before, and having no knowledge of the markets prior to seeing your videos I decided to deposit a relatively small amount to 'potentially' lose on a few practice trades. I honestly didn't think this money would be around for long, but it was just to 'cut my teeth' on! This was 10 trading days ago and I am currently looking at a 138% profit on my original 'investment'... I am certain this system will pay for itself very quickly, far quicker than I originally anticipated. DTTP is just what I've been looking for, Educational, interesting, enjoyable and profitable - a great combination. Many thanks Keith.” MT, UK

“It’s all about managing risk – up
833 points so far!”

“Successful trading is about the effective management of risk. The instruction contained in the DTTP cd's, the software, excellent and proactive support, and on line market overviews and IV indices have provided me with remarkable new skills that allow me to select and control highly successful trades. In the relatively short time that I have been involved...I have benefited from 133 point movement in Rio Tinto, 98 points in Xsastra, and 600 points in Light Crude. My wife (a consummate technophobe!) is now also actively interested and involved. It has been a life changing experience. Thank you.” Jonathan Cope - UK

“Account up 80%!”

“I started the program in November 2006 and at one point I was 118% in profit (down to 80% at the moment)... Many thanks for the chance to take part in something so bloody exciting.” Phil Ulanowski

“Traded in the dark for years – until now!”

“I am writing today a big thank you. Your BRILLIANT strategy has made me see that I have been trading in the dark for years. Now after reading it I can predict where the market is going day by day. With the information contained in this course, I can now follow the professionals and when they are buying or selling I do the same.” M. Raymond, Worcestershire

“£10,000 IN ONE WEEK!”

“It's giving people trades in any market they want to trade and the learning value even for me is brilliant. Got in to BT on the pull back... £10,000 up could go to 3.13 before we see some profit taking with medium term price target of £3.30 happy days.” Gary Rhead, UK

I’m proud to say I have dozens of letters like these on file, with more flooding in by post and email every day.

But my favourite comes from trading ‘newbie’ Simon Kenyon. Please read the whole thing, because Simon sums up the programme in a way I never could...

"I've made a profit of over £5k in
my first 3 months"

"Having purchased the DTTP course . . . it's been really refreshing to discover what a professional, honest, down to earth product this is. I started with very little knowledge of trading and within just a few weeks was making profitable trades under the continued support and guidance of Keith's excellent Market Overview reports.

This really is trading made easy - the unique software provided with the course takes all of the leg work out of identifying potential trades, leaving most of my day free to pursue other interests and generally to enjoy life.

I've made a profit of over £5k in my first 3 months of trading and I believe that I'll be able to significantly build on this as I gain in experience and knowledge. Some of the highlights so far have been an £829 profit in Compass plc and an £893 profit in Imperial Tobacco. My only regret is that I didn't buy the course sooner." Simon Kenyon

There’s not much more I can add when my students put it like that!

Accept my invitation and chances are you’ll be dropping me an email like the one above in a few months time.

And remember: it’s a NO-OBLIGATION trial. You have a whole 45 days to test this out. If, for any reason whatsoever, it doesn’t suit you, let me know within that time and I’ll refund your course fee in full!.

Oh, and I almost forgot!

Did I mention everything you make is TAX-FREE?

When you buy a share outright, you have to fork out 0.5% of the purchase price to the Treasury in the form of stamp duty. So...before you’ve made a single penny of profit, kiss half a percent of your investment goodbye!

But that’s not all...

When you sell your shares, you then have to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on any profits you make!

When you spread bet, you don’t actually own the stock, so you don’t pay stamp duty. Your winnings are also completely exempt from CGT. In other words...

Tax laws are subject to changes every now and then, but at the moment you keep every penny of your hard-earned profits. No wonder spread betting has become the investment method of choice for millions of wealth builders in Britain and around the world!

You’re probably seeing the upside of this opportunity is potentially MASSIVE.

But if you’re smart, you’re probably still a little sceptical. You may well be thinking...

Use these 3 built-in ‘loss-
limiters’ that dramatically
slash your risk

No trading system, no matter what anyone tells
you, is 100% accurate. That’s why limiting ANY downside is the number one priority of Don’t Tell
the Professionals.
In fact there are 3 ‘loss-limiters’ embedded in the system...  

   1. The ‘tiny stake’ loss-limiter. First and
foremost, we DON’T get greedy. As you’ll see if you take up this trial invitation, you’ll NEVER commit
more than a tiny fraction of your available funds to
just one position. Let other investors risk half their money on a single trade. YOU, on the other hand,
will be advised with each trade what a safe and sensible stake is...and it will never be more than 5%
of your total funds. More often, closer to 3%.

    2. The ‘cut-and-run’ loss-limiter. Good traders know there is no shame in admitting defeat. The real shame is in staying and watching your losses get worse and worse if things go bad. I learnt very early
on not to ‘fall in love’ with a bet. That’s why, before
you even open a position, the system helps you put
in place a rock-solid stop-loss level that means you will NEVER, EVER lose more than a minute fraction
of your money if a trade moves against you.

    3. The ‘test-the-water’ loss limiter. You’ll find
the instructional CD ROMs are extremely easy to understand and much so that you’ll be locking in your first trades within hours of setting up. But it doesn’t matter how watertight your system is – only a fool dives straight into trading with real money. That’s why I’ve built in a special ‘simulation’ section, where you can use the system to ‘paper-trade’ real prices...with fake money. It’s a great way to learn the ropes with no risk at all. Although when you see just how powerfully accurate this system is, I’m positive you won’t be able to resist proper trading for more
than a week!

    I hope you appreciate my frankness here. If you read the same kind of trading letters I get sent, you’ll have noticed they often ‘conveniently’ leave risk out
of the equation.

    But it exists, in all forms of investing. And I sincerely believe that Don’t Tell the Professionals has no equal when it comes to minimising risk and maximising gains.


“Sounds great, Keith. But spread betting is still a
risky business, right?”

Yes, many punters lose when they spread bet.

Why? Because that’s exactly what they are...PUNTERS. Not investors. They’re just gambling. They don’t follow a system. And they put their energy into ‘chasing the big one’ – when really 90% of their energy should be devoted to limiting losses. And that’s why they lose.

Be thankful these people exist!

Without them, spread betting firms would go bust. And we wouldn’t have the chance to coldly and clinically siphon thousands of pounds from the market!

Unlike what other ‘gurus’ out there might tell you – no one has, or will ever, invent a 100% foolproof trading technique.

That’s why I’ve implanted 3 rock-solid ‘loss-limiters’ into my system (see to the right) which GUARANTEE your downside is always strictly minimised.

As one of my students, Jonathon Cope, mentioned earlier, “It’s all about risk-management”.

And this is where Don’t Tell the Professionals really comes into its own...where, I believe, it stands head-and-shoulders above any other trading course or system out there.

We won’t eliminate your risk entirely. That’s impossible. But what the software does do is employ time-tested risk management tactics that give you the best chance possible of achieving a healthy overall profit...month-after-month.

And, if you decide to accept this invitation, you have a whole 45 risk-free days to put that statement to the test.

Now it’s time for me to ask you a question...

How much would YOU be willing to pay for a PROVEN method of ‘pick-pocketing’ £19,500 - £48,000+ tax-free
a year from the FTSE 100 and other markets?

You know just how much money this method of trading can generate. You’ve seen detailed testimonials from my students, outlining just how much they’re making on a regular basis. And I’ve been completely upfront about the risks.

If you appreciate what I’m offering – I’ve been as clear and honest as I can – then I’m sure we can work together. But I will ask you to sign a simple confidentiality agreement if you become a student. This just protects my hard work and also ensures that those who are serious are not affected by anyone else.

Remember, you have a full 45 days to test this, and get your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied. But what will you pay should you, as I fully expect, decide to stay on after this trial?

Before I answer that, let’s look at what you get:

‘Don’t Tell the Professionals’ Fully Interactive CD ROM Tutorial

This no-nonsense guide will walk you through the entire trading curve – from loading your software and a general introduction to the stock market and how it how to spot money trends, how much to stake on each trade, how to set stop losses and spread your risk...right up to ‘doubling’ up on trades and using the software to make money on other markets like commodities and currencies.

It’s audiovisual AND fully interactive. With each stage, you’ll have the software there and operating right in front of you, with me speaking to you and explaining exactly what’s going on. In no time you’ll be able to track real-time trades as you the comfort of your own home...without risking a penny of your money while you get to grips with the software.

Literally mouse-click by mouse-click, I show you PRECISELY how to identify winning trades, how to find the perfect entry and exit levels of each trade, how to set the perfect stop loss level...even the exact words to say to your spread betting firm when you open a bet!

You can’t become a confident trader by just sitting back and learning theory. That’s why no book, audio guide, online trading website, weekend seminar, or DVD comes close to this kind of fully interactive, ‘trade-as-you’re-taught’ approach to learning the ropes.

What’s more, you’ll have this extensive 10 CD ROM resource on-hand whenever you need it. It’s like having a one-on-one seminar on your PC permanently. You can review, rewind and have total control over the pace you learn.

Above all, within hours of immersing yourself in these tutorials, you’ll experience the same spine-tingling euphoria I did 10 years ago...when right there, on the screen in front of you, you see for the first time the unmistakable footprints of professional traders all over the market.

PLUS! New for 2008: In response to hundreds of requests from students who are hungry to exploit other markets, I have recorded an extra 4 CDs to show you how easy it is to uncover profitable trades in the commodity, financial and currency markets! (Value: I could easily sell this on it’s own to existing traders for £497!)

But even more importantly, you’ll receive your exclusive copy of...

Don’t Tell the Professionals Trading Edge Software 2008 (Value: £2,000!)

This is the very heart of your trading success...and the finishing touches have just been completed on a brand new, super-charged version for 2008.

Put simply, this is a PC tool that eliminates the guesswork from trading. You won’t have to worry about financial news, facts and figures, balance sheets or confusing waffle about p/e ratios and earnings projections.

Instead, it focuses on one thing and one thing only: tracking the flow of professional money in and out of the market...and then highlighting for you the profitable trends this ‘money flow’ creates.

As I’ve said, this is plug-in-and-profit stuff.

Just install it, click the mouse so it starts downloading yesterday’s end-of-day market data, and wait while it scans for profitable ‘pull-backs’. (As part of the programme you’ll also get 6 months free end of day data so you can start finding the trades right away.)

As trading novice and DTTP student Simon Kenyon put it: “This really is trading made easy – the unique software provided with the course takes all of the leg work out of identifying potential trades, leaving most of my day free to pursue other interests and generally to enjoy life.”

And that’s the whole point of Don’t Tell the Professionals...user-friendly trading that takes up less than 20 minutes a day.

Using this software, you’ll soon be able to move in and out of FTSE 100 shares with ease...enjoying the fun and potential profits of spread betting, WITHOUT the stress of having to make tough decisions for yourself.

Thrice-Weekly Market Overview of Where the Smart Money is Really Moving

Student R. Wrightman calls these Market Overviews “an absolute revelation. I find it very informative and a real eye opener to the amount of trading opportunities available in the UK Stock market.”

Every other trading day, I’ll give you a unique ‘trader’s take’ and outline exactly which FTSE shares and markets the professionals are active in so you can prepare to trade. You'll also get my "behind the scenes" thinking about why I believe a certain trade is red-hot, and what trades I’ve invested my own money in. What’s more I’ll give you access to the Market Overview archive for the whole of 2006-2008.

UNLIMITED Training and Guidance from our Trading Support Team

You’ll notice that the level of support we provide crops up frequently in the testimonials from students in this letter. That’s because we firmly believe in ‘hand-holding’ until you’re 100% happy to go it alone.

That’s why you have direct, free and unlimited access to me and my support team (all previous students like you) by email and telephone so you can start trading with confidence using my strategy.

To be honest I doubt if you will need to use the support after the first month as you get set up to trade, but it’s there for you to use whenever you want... even if it’s to call about a trade you're considering two or even five years down the track!

Create a lifetime-long side just
20 minutes a day...starting as soon
as this weekend!

This is MORE than just a proven trading system. It’s a wealth-building skill you’ll posses for life.

Some of my students, of whom you’ve heard from in this letter, can now earn a full-time income using my software. And keep in mind: a lot of these people were complete novices when they started. M.T. had never gone near trading before, had no experience with the markets whatsoever, and increased his initial investment by 138% in just 10 days. For R. Clifton of Bedfordshire, the course had paid for itself within the first week.

Just think...

Many professionals – accountants, teachers, engineers, nurses – go through years of hard slog at university to get qualifications that won’t get them near the £48,000-a-year income level. And that’s their full-time profession... their nine-to-five job that takes up pretty much all their waking hours!

Don’t Tell the Professionals offers you something very different...

A way to potentially make thousands of pounds each week – in as little as 20 minutes a day...from home or wherever there is Internet access...and with a training period that’s not measured in years...but days!

So... What kind of investment would you be willing to make for a wealth-building tool like this?

If you bought into a franchise you could expect to pay at least £10,000 for the kind of support and blueprints I am offering.

Trading software programs like Star Trader or Trade Wins will set you back between £3,000 - £6,000. But none of these or hundreds of others can offer you the proven methods of trading alongside the pros that I’m offering you.

So enough beating around the bush...what’s this going to cost?

“No wonder the professionals want you to keep your mouth shut!”

“When I purchased this course I thought it was pricey, I thought what the heck a 45 day return guarantee and so, nothing to lose. I tell you, to get this course back off me now, you'd probably have to kill me. No wonder the professionals want you to keep your mouth shut.

Craig J. Hawkins

The full package, including the 2008 software, CD ROM audiovisual guidebook, unlimited lifetime support, 6 month’s free end of day data and a free subscription to Market Overview alerts is £1947 + VAT (Total: £2287). I believe that’s a fair price for training and support that could set you up for a serious business for life.

Mel McGowan made £50k in 3 months. How much could YOU make if you give this a try...?

Look – I have many students who’ve made an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE with my system.

Mel McGowan made in excess of £50,000 in 3 months, My accountant made £7,500 in one 8 day trade. My support team were all sat where you are right now and now they all trade regularly (well all of 20 minutes a day!)

Using my strategy, I believe you could make approximately £19,500 to £48,000 in your first 12 months – with as little as £1,000 starting capital. This is a CAUTIOUS estimate – based upon my 11 years experience using this technique and what real people are making following the strategy. It includes the time you’ll spend paper-trading and learning the ropes.

From then on, if you stick with it, I sincerely believe you’ll move closer to £48,000 per year, or even higher. Really, there is no ceiling.

Some of my students even quit their jobs and live a comfortable life on the money they make from trading alone. Others use the system as a nice second income to pay for life’s little luxuries.

Of course, you don’t know me from Adam. So I’ve arranged a very unique guarantee that ensures that your course fee is 100% safe and refundable if Don’t Tell The Professionals isn’t for you.

Your 100% Unconditional
‘Get-Rich-or-Get-a-Refund’ 45 Day Guarantee

I know this strategy works. So do my students. You, on the other hand, need to test it for yourself.

So reserve your copy of Don’t Tell the Professionals today. Dive into my CD ROM training programme. Use the software to pick out profitable trades. Make use of the support team as much as you like. Read and learn from my popular Market Overview alerts. Paper trade the signals and see how much you could be making.

If you’ve done all that, and you’re not making regular trading profits within the first 45 days, there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong. Just let me know, and I will insist on giving you every penny of the course fee back. (All I ask is that you honour the confidentiality agreement.)


“I have transferred more money PER WEEK into my bank account than I earned a MONTH when I was employed.”

“Obviously you enter into these things with a little trepidation, but to my huge relief the support has been great. Without a doubt Keith himself has been the icing on the cake (well that and the great income from trading)!  His enthusiasm is inspiring – the fact that he personally gets involved whenever we've had a query has delayed any fears I may have had about investing in [Keith's system]. 

John and I are both ecstatic with the return since our investment.
Part of our trading strategy has been to take out 50% of all profit, leaving 50% in to grow the fund. (only when we are at or over our starting balance) 

Not only have we DOUBLED our initial trading fund in 6 weeks, I have transferred more money PER WEEK into my bank account than I earnt a MONTH when I was employed. 

I was a complete 'trading virgin' when I started and had no idea what 95% of the trading terms were  . . . but with the tutorial CDs and a couple of One to Ones I can talk  'bull and bear' with the best of them!!

John and I were hoping to use this opportunity to alter our lifestyle, and so far we are nearer to that than we thought possible in such a short space of time.

Thanks for giving us our break.”

Micelle Palmer

Think about that...

There is NOTHING holding you back from at least giving this a go.

Yes, ‘conventional’ investing in high interest bank accounts, property and shares has its place. I’m certainly not suggesting you free up every penny of capital and throw it all into this. That would be irresponsible and, frankly, a little crazy.

But you are NOT going to make £48,000 tax-free each year by doing exactly what every other ‘plod-along and play-it-safe’ person does with their money.

I guarantee within the next 45 days I can show you how to follow exactly which FTSE 100 shares the professional money is circling around...and how to use that knowledge to bring in a sizeable, consistent and potentially LIFE-CHANGING income.

In 20 minutes a day. Sitting comfortably in front of your computer. And no matter what happens in the markets!

Enough talk. Time for action.
And it does need to be quick...

As my team and I will be providing you with personal support throughout your training, we can’t spread ourselves too thinly. It’s not fair on you and it does my reputation no favours.

In November 2007, we had had a general intake for new students and the response proved overwhelming. We had to close the doors on Don’t Tell the Professionals and put those who missed out on a waiting list.

This year, with the improved software package + extra CDs showing you how to exploit commodities and currencies, we expect the interest to be even greater. I’ve already received emails from past students who’re desperate to get their hands on the ‘next gen’ trading software.

So please, if you recognise what I’m offering here, then I urge you to act now.

Go straight to the order page by clicking on the link below and reserve one of the 275 limited places on my program. You are under no obligation at all and will have 45 days to put my strategy to the test.

Remember, places are limited, so please don't delay.

I look forward to sharing your trading success stories...

Best regards,

Keith Cotterill

PS:If you want in on this PROVEN way to legally ‘pickpocket’ the City’s richest companies, then you need to hurry. If the intake of students mirrors last year, we’ll have to close the doors soon. If you wish to take up the unconditional 45 day guarantee please click on the link immediately and reserve your copy:

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Please note: Don’t Tell The Professionals is designed for educational purposes only and does not represent buy or sell signals. There is a risk of loss in all trading. Spread Betting carries significant risk and should only be undertaken by those who can afford to lose some or all of their investment. Please seek independent advice if you are at all unsure. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Please note that the 45 day trial is available for new subscribers only, to test the service.  If you have already received a 30 day trial you are welcome to rejoin but without the 30 day trial period. If you have any questions, please call us on 0208 597 0181.

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