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Dear Punter,

After more than ten-years toiling away at the coalface of betting and gambling, it's fair to say I know how to spot value better than many of the self-appointed 'gambling gurus' who persist in making their tedious and ridiculous promises of riches which couldn't possibly be true.

I want to make it clear to you here and now, without in any way massaging my own ego, that my name and my credentials within the betting industry are impeccable.

I should also add that what I'm about to tell you is founded on FACT. That is to say, it's not a figment of my imagination. It's real.

I make those points right now because I'm acutely aware of just how much b***s*** circulates on the Internet about how to make money from gambling. Stupid claims couched in glowing terms to trap the unwary, the vulnerable, and those who, despite having been 'hit' more times than they've had hot dinners, fall victim to it time and again.

"Been using PEM for sometime now and the method can be summed up in 1 word - profitable!


I can see what you mean now when you say its a way of identifying hidden gambles that would otherwise not appear on the radar.

Price of winners are also generous and worth waiting for when they do arrive!


After some practice my eyes are now drawn to the PEM signals like a magnet and I've found leaving it as late as possible to place my bets is more accurate.


Took my daughters across the border to Marbella for some shopping from my winnings last month.


Ashok - Gibralter

Please be very clear, this isn't one of those worthless propositions which, if not actually criminal, are seriously anti-social to say the least.

What's more, as you're about to see (if it hasn't already become clear) I shoot a straight-speaking arrow. I call a spade a spade, not a shovel, regardless of the consequences.

Some say I'm too blunt for my own good...

Others that I belong to the swiftly disappearing number of trustworthy sources of gambling information on the Internet...

But I just like to think I'm a straight guy who says what he means and means what he says.

I'm no mathematical whiz kid who's figured out a 100% foolproof betting formula. Truth to tell, there's no such thing.

And I haven't perfected a secret gambling wonder-strategy which means you never lose. Frankly, any punters who tell you they never lose are disgraceful liars.

And, for good measure, what you're about to learn won't make you a millionaire or help you quit your day job this year.

You see, this letter is for realists.

And if, like me, you count yourself as one:

Here's What I Can Do For You Today...

I'm going to let you in on my personal PEM strategy (more about this in a moment) for making a realistic side income using a quirky little angle which generates great profits with minimal effort.

And when you follow it to the letter, there's every reason to believe this tactic can make great profits for you too. Yes, really!

The PEM manual

Once you've seen what's possible and how much better your gambling can be using my PEM strategy, there's no going back.

And just like so many other genuinely successful areas of human endeavour, it's very easy for you to follow.

I really wish I could tell you that one day a wonderful idea came to me in a flash of inspiration, and that I laboured away for months-on-end without food or sleep until I'd honed it to perfection.

I mean, how romantic is that?

But the dull fact is I stumbled upon this potent little procedure quite by accident whilst researching an entirely different betting angle.

Admittedly not quite the high-powered image of dedication and brilliance I would have liked to portray, but on the other hand...

This amazing little number has proven to be a
100% practical and so utterly simple to use!

Yet, despite that adorable simplicity, it gives you steady long-term profits because its core principal is solidly under-pinned by a strength of logic which goes far deeper than you may at first realise.

The PEM manual

The Internet, amongst a heave of pro's and con's, has one particularly standout 'pro' - the freedom to trawl through a ton of mediocrity and have your sanity saved by uncovering a real gem.

And what you have right here and now is a real gem of a strategy which provides a quick and easy solution to the age old problem of how to get gambling to pay you well enough to make it a sensible long-term thing for you to do.

And the few necessary but easy step-by-step instructions mean you can quickly take it into use without doubt or confusion because there's...

Before we move ahead, keep in mind that whilst this spunky little procedure can and will have you chuckling with delight at the way it builds your gambling profits over the longer term, there will be bets which DON'T go your way in the short term.

That's because neither I nor anyone else can eliminate ALL the risk from your betting activities. I can show you a way of neutralising some of it, but removing it altogether would be just impossible and I'm not about to promise you the impossible even if it means you walk away from this right now without reading another word.

If that should disappoint you I'm really sorry, but in that case you need a solid reality check - and, like it or not, here it is...

When you gamble you WILL lose some of the bets some of the time, irrespective of the lies the unscrupulous money-grabbing Barmy Brigade may tell you to the contrary.

Look, you know perfectly well that risk is inherent in gambling but what I can do for you is to REDUCE it to a more palatable degree with the aim of securing an overall worthwhile gambling profit for you.

Dear Andrew,


Just a quick note to say I spotted first PEM signal yesterday and quickly placed my first bet that won at 7/1. On Sunday I had a 10/1 2nd & and a 4/1 winner so do going very well!


They are indeed easy to spot once your eye becomes trained on what to look for.


The more races I observe the sharper my eye becomes to spotting them and its now becoming second nature.


Great stuff, great angle and I can see the background logic - Thanks,


B.F - Swansea

You'll have your own ideas, of course, about what an overall worthwhile gambling profit is, but one thing's for certain: without a trusted and proven strategy in place you're unlikely to see your ambitions to consistently make any meaningful amount of profit from gambling become a reality any time soon.

Now, before you say it, let me remind you again that I know perfectly well there's a lot of worthless gambling systems on offer, both online and off, which masquerade as the greatest thing since sliced bread - compellingly marketed by rogues (No names, no pack drill, but you'll likely know who they are!) who've no intention of giving you value for money.

For that very reason, I have to give you this blunt undertaking so there's no possibility of a misunderstanding...

If I knew, or even thought for one moment, that the claims I make here for my PEM strategy were in any way dodgy or misleading - or were 'close to the edge' - you wouldn't be reading this because I wouldn't have written it.

The value I place on my integrity and my business reputation far transcends the paltry price I've set for this mighty midget of a tool.

I would not - repeat, WOULD NOT - jeopardise that blue chip reputation for even a king's ransom.

Simple as that!

What's more, with the greatest of respect to you, I really don't care if you don't believe me!

You see, in my book, the real measure of truth isn't whether or not you believe what I say to be true...


The PEM manual

And, as I've already mentioned, I only put my hard earned reputation on the line when I know what I have to offer is the real deal.

So, what's this PEM thing all about anyway?

I'm glad you asked!

I call it the Price Equalisation Method. In short, it's a new angle on horse race betting.

For the sake of convenience, I'll continue to refer to it as PEM.

Just a little peek!

I'm an avid observer of the Betfair markets - in particular what punters are doing and, more importantly, why they are doing it.

When I see a flood of money suddenly appearing in any Betfair market, waiting to be 'backed' or 'laid', I'm inclined to investigate the underlying reasons. Especially when those large amounts appear time-and-time-again within a certain time frame in the same market.

Hello Andrew,


I am going to get losing runs but I started with 50 points in April and have never looked back! Averaging 10 - 12 points a month so I don’t mind a few losers when there are always a couple of nice priced winners around the corner such as today with a 9/1 & 13/2. I have to say thanks.


P Jordan

In others words, if there's a repeating pattern I smell a rat and I'll go to any lengths to figure out the cause.

Whenever I spot this activity I can immediately be sure of one thing - a large group of punters is following a profitable angle. But, significantly, it's not always the punters who are making these market moves, particularly on the exchanges.

Bookmakers, too, play a major role in relation to price movements on the exchanges. Take a trip to any racecourse and behind the bookies stands you'll often see open laptops which are logged on to Betfair ready for their own hedging purposes.

And right there, concealed in full view, is the open sesame to a most startling Aladdin's Cave of information which is the very heartbeat of my PEM strategy.

Now, I ask you, how simple is that?

Well, OK, not quite that simple I admit but you must realise I really cannot divulge anymore without uncovering exactly how PEM makes its selections.

Firstly, because I have a successful methodology to protect. If you'd spent three years or more perfecting something, you'd be reluctant to give away your secrets too, wouldn't you?

Hi Andrew,


I purchased PEM after reading the many great comments about the method on a forum. The good news is I am well in profit by just over £9,000 at £50 stakes by looking for the signal in every Handicap race with prize money over £10,000 at weekends only.


The bad news is BET365 have restricted my stakes on horse racing. I now use Betfair only and can still get good prices as I play in the big handicaps races. So well done on a truly innovative and profitable angle!



Secondly, it would take far more space than I have here to explain the inner workings of PEM - and, in any event, you really don't need to know much about that stuff anyway. Not only would it likely bore the pants off you but also the sheer beauty of the strategy is you simply don't have to get involved at that depth in order to benefit from it.

All you need to know right now is that certain embedded turning point detectors help make PEM's performance quite sensational.

In essence, this is a unique way to experience that edge-of-your-seat excitement which only a truly successful betting strategy can deliver - an easy way to dip in and out of 'smash and grab' cash steals, all tax free in the UK.

And remember, these can snowball into a serious income in return for relatively small stakes which keep you at the lower end of the risk scale.

At this point I really have no option but to draw a veil over the vital steps which pull everything together.

My apologies for the cloak and dagger stuff, but there are a number of key factors I absolutely need to keep to myself.

By the way, I have to admit to being a little foolish when I began using PEM - I made the mistake of placing all my bets with Bet365 after receiving my £200 free bet bonus and depositing my own £200.

Just 45 days later the 'phone call came advising me that although I was still permitted to bet with Bet365 my maximum stake amount would be at the discretion of their traders.

In other words, I'd taken too much money
off them and they were imposing a
reduced stake value on me.

Here's a screenshot of what happens now when I try to place a bet...

Place a bet screenshot

That little set back didn't stop me though - I now use Betfair.

You'll know, of course, that Betfair make their money by taking a commission from winning bets. I'm prepared to take that hit because it's a small price to pay to keep my income stream fully open!

Talking of which, here are summaries of my profit results with PEM for all of 2014 and the first part of 2015...

Results table
Results table

You can plainly see that there are losing periods but that the winning periods outstrip them to give you a healthy overall profit.

That's how it is with PEM.

Now let me take a moment to answer something which might be on your mind...

"Level with me Andrew,
what is the risk here?"

I never beat about the bush when it comes to betting risk.

Be clear, this is gambling and with gambling comes risk. I've seen far too many shady operators downplay the risks inherent in gambling. This is not pension fund investing and you should NEVER bet more than you are prepared to lose.

That said, PEM's results have been impressive.

Dear Andrew,


I must say its a unique angle of betting you've unearthed there!

Delighted and think these three words best describe PEM: Addictive - Enjoyable - Profitable!


I will keep you posted.


D Lockett

But inevitably, as you've seen, some bets do go against you and you'll end the day with a loss. That's fine, though, because making a consistent income from gambling is as much about managing losses as it is about picking winners.

I stress that what I'm offering you today isn't just about profits, it's also about getting it right in an area where so many get it wrong.

It's about breaking free from the pack and gambling 'smart' with the money available to you to give yourself the best chance of success.

You'll find there's nothing sweeter or more exhilarating than watching a horse you've backed race to a win right before your eyes.

Sure the tax-free cash is fantastic but it's also about doing something in a way others aren't to give yourself that vital cutting edge.

And here's another 'big elephant in the corner of the room' I want to tackle...

"Andrew, why share this tool
with ANYONE at all?"

It's a fair question, and one I'm asked virtually every day.

What can I tell you?

The best answer I have is this: read the testimonials throughout this report.

Hopefully you'll see from them I'm not in this just for fame and fortune and that others like you, even as you read this, are enjoying racing profits using my PEM strategy.

Dear Andrew,


Thanks for a great methodology the likes of which I’ve never seen before but makes perfect sense.


Jason D

Are they happy with PEM?

Damned right they are!

The thing is, I genuinely get satisfaction from helping others to beat the bookies at their own game.

I know that sounds tacky, but it happens to be true.

But no matter how much money I personally make from gambling, I'd quickly go bankrupt if I ran this business as a charity. I have production costs to cover and an excellent support team to pay.

So don't get me wrong - there is a charge for what I'm offering you. It's very reasonable, as you'll see shortly. And it's ALWAYS backed by a water-tight money-back guarantee.

The bottom line is this!

When you become financially independent you look for other ways to get your kicks, and helping others to claw-back cash from fat-cat bookies is what gives me some of my most satisfying kicks these days.

Starting your PEM 'test drive'
couldn't be easier...

Hi Andrew,


Great strategy for those who bet from home and who cant be at the course.


Gerry H.

All you have to do is to click on the payment button below to access the immediate download link and begin your 30-day risk-free trial.

I hope you agree £137 £97 is an incredibly fair price to pay for the world's first price equalisation betting tool... a tool which could help you generate a tax free income of more than £300 a week in your spare time.

And remember...

This discounted price is backed-up by my 100% rock-solid 30-days money-back promise.

PEM Guarantee

Here's your chance to see what it feels like to have a realistic five-figure part-time income drip feeding into your bank account.

I bought this after reading the excellent comments on a gambling forum from many posters, well my first week brought 2 x 12/1 winners!!!


Looking for the signal is becoming very addictive! Cheers Andrew!



And you can do it on your own timetable wherever and whenever you like.

You could soon be pocketing an average of more than £300 a week tax free, easily and without stress.

Perfect for bettors of all experience and risk-tolerance levels, there's simply nothing quite like it available elsewhere.

If you're ultra cautious you could make around £50 a week from stakes as little as £9. If you're daring you might want to go higher and bring in upwards of £600 a week... all tax free.

Child's play?


To receive your copy of PEM strategy… on approval… just click on the 'Instant Download' button and within the next few hours you could be putting this cutting edge information to work for yourself.

Why 30-days trial period in particular?

There's a very specific reason.

The PEM manual

You get 30-days from the date of payment so you can give PEM a thorough and unbroken trial for a continuous period of around 3-weeks or so.

That's important, so please make a particular note of it now!

Such a thorough ongoing trial allows for the essential balance of winners and losers to settle down into a typical rhythm for the strategy, and then you'll see for yourself just how PEM progressively builds your profits.

Do that and you'll be delighted.

But in the unlikely event PEM fails to deliver an overall profit after a sound trial like that, let me know and you'll get your money back.

All the risk is on me, which is as it should be.

No hassle!

No sweat!

No strain!

My word is my bond.

That straight enough for you?

My very best wishes,

Andrew David signature

Andrew David

PS. If you've read my letter carefully you'll have spotted a number of valuable gambling lessons. In case you missed them, here they are again:

PPS. Remember, you're under no obligation. Try PEM for yourself on a no risk free trial basis for 30-days. If you're not delighted with the results, or even just feel it isn't for you, I'll refund you in full and that will be that.

PPPS. Order NOW and I'll also send you a worthwhile bonus report and tutorial video on how you can ramp up your bookmaker account to around £4,000 risk-free!

Free Bonus

That means with this free little bonus report alone you stand to gain, give-or-take a bit, about forty-times the cost of PEM!

Just follow my simple and clear instructions in the report and you'll collect big-time with this one.

How can I be so certain?

Because this bonus strategy is unique in that it has a built-in safety net which almost always eliminates your gambling risk.

Just do exactly as I say and even before you place your bet...

You'll clearly see for yourself when the normally unavoidable gambling risk has been safely removed, putting you in an enviable position from where you can't lose.

…24 points up this month Andrew and made £1,160 so far on risk free place method!


Liam Hoskins

All you need to get your hands on the loot are Paddy Power and Betfair accounts, and this unique angle could see your bank soar to around £4,000 before Paddy Power bans you or restricts your account.

Order NOW and the full bonus report and tutorial video will come to you together with the PEM manual - and I'll even show you how to get around the bookie ban so you can keep on making risk-free profits.

By-the-way, the bonus report is yours to keep even if you decide to take a refund under my 'no questions' money-back guarantee.

Claim your copy of the Price Equalisation
horse race betting strategy

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Please Note:
*Results based on looking for the PEM signal on ‘2’ races per day weekday and ‘7’ races on Saturday. The above profits could be doubled or even tripled if you decide to observe for the signal on more races.

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