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“Let me do all the hard work for you: I’ll track down the hottest in-demand products, show you exactly where
to buy cheaply and how to sell
them on for maximum profit”

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Take a look at the kind of products you’ll find
recommended in The Source Report along with
the potential profits you could make

There’s no secret to making money online or offline…

  1. First you find a hungry market
  2. Then source products to satisfy demand
  3. And always make sure you buy low and sell high

But how do you go about identifying that hungry market?

And once you’ve found a hot product, how can you locate trusted wholesale sources with the best products and lowest price?

It can be so frustrating… time-consuming… and could end up losing you money with products you can’t sell!

No wonder product sourcing is probably the biggest obstacle stopping most people from earning good money selling on eBay, Amazon or their own website.

If you’ve tried selling online but hit the same dead end again and again, this is for you: with The Source Report you’ll discover what’s in demand right now and where to get it at the lowest possible price.

Inside the members-only area of The Source Report website you’ll find:

All products recommended in The Source Report are perfect for selling on eBay, Amazon, or your own niche websites. These products could also be sold at car boot sales, market stalls or even your own bricks and mortar shop.

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To give you an idea of the range of products and potential income, here are a few recent examples taken directly from The Source Report.

(Important: the profit figures include all costs including selling fees, postage and the unit cost of the product. So what you see is how much you could actually make!)

Here’s a product that’s an all year round strong seller. We could have shown you how to source men’s leather belts for £8.21 and sell on eBay for £19.99.

Your profit per unit was £11.78. Selling just 2 a day you’d make £164.92 each week.

These USB wristbands are useful, ‘on-trend’ and with a fantastic profit margin.

You could have tapped into this hot market buying in at £7.69 and selling for £13.95 – a profit of £6.26 per item sold. Sell 5 a day and you’d be raking in £219.10 per week.

You could have banked a very tidy side income from sourcing and selling a specialist Chinese tea – buy for £34.91, sell on for £39.99 you would have made £5.08 pure profit per item sold.

Sell 5 per day and you’d earn £177.80 per week.

And you could have bought these hugely popular Skype headsets for just £6.26 each and listed them on eBay. With a great value resale price of £9.99, you’d make £3.73 per sale.

Sell 5 a day and you’d bank £130.55 per week. Sell 10 a day and you’d be looking at £261.10 extra cash in just 7 days.

As you can see, this isn’t some pie-in-the-sky get-rich-quick dream. It’s a straightforward and proven business model that’s used by switched on sellers every day across thousands of different niche markets.

With online market places like eBay and Amazon, the doors are wide open for anyone with a bit of enterprise to create an income buying and selling.

FACT! In the UK, there are currently 178,000 people who use eBay as their primary or secondary source of income!

And today there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from running a very profitable online selling business for yourself.

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How a banned product could’ve made
you £354 – £708 per week or more


Teeth whitening kits used to be one of eBay’s bestsellers.

However research came out that suggested that the product could trigger mild side effects with some users. The result? eBay decided to change their conditions and banned it overnight.

Where most people saw disaster, we saw an opportunity.

Through The Source Report you’d have been tipped-off to a similar product that didn’t break the eBay ban. You could have bought it from our recommended wholesaler for just £12.68 and yet sold it on for £26.99 + P&P.

Even factoring in postage and eBay selling fees, you could have made a clear profit of £10.12 per item sold. If that doesn’t seem like much, then consider this: these products had strong demand from a hungry market and could have easily generated multiple orders each day.

Sell 5 a day and you’d make £354.20 a week
Sell 10 a day and you’d bank £708.40 a week

And here’s another example of just how much you could make from this product sourcing research and recommendations…

Who else wants to make £165- £331
per week selling winter boots…

Here’s an easy-to-source product that has an almost unlimited demand during the Autumn and Winter months…

By using The Source Report‘s easy to use website you could have hooked up with a wholesale source that supplied great quality ladies snow boots for just £10.13 and sold them for £21.98. So for every sale made – including eBay fees and postage – you’d bank a net profit of £4.73 on each item.

(And as an added bonus you could actually have these items dropshipped so you wouldn’t even need to hold any stock!)

Once again, don’t be put off by the relatively low profit per item – this is all about finding products that have a hungry market and can attract 5, 10 or more sales per day.

Let’s do some sums…

Sell 5 a day and you’d make £165.55 a week. Sell 10 and you’d make £331.10 a week.

Combine the teeth whitening kit and winter boot examples and you could be pulling in up to £1,039.50 per week!

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Fancy making £581 profit a week from
oversized rubber bands?

Resistance bands are the latest must-have fitness product for home workouts.

With the help of The Source Report you could have easily bought and sold them for a potential £8.30 profit per set.

Sell 5 a day and you’d make £290.50 a week. With 10 sales a day you’d pull in a clear £581 pure profit!

Of course they won’t always sell at these levels and that’s why it’s important you always have access to new products. That way you can sustain a consistent income throughout the year.

With The Source Report you get regular specific and professionally-researched recommendations of what you should be selling and where to buy it from. All you have to do is act on the information. I’ll even give you the precise instructions on what to do and how to approach the suppliers.

And the great thing is you can often just test with a small sample so you don’t need big money to buy stock or lots of space for storage.

Get 30 Days Unlimited Access Today for Just £9.95. Click here for full details

My name is Amanda O’Brien and I’m editor in chief of The Source Report.

I know what it’s like to buy list after list of supposed wholesale suppliers that end up worthless – I’ve been there and done that.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to sourcing products and reliable suppliers – it takes patience, determination and hours of research to make sure every option is viable.

And that’s why I created The Source Report: to give ambitious online sellers like you, trusted product-sourcing recommendations. And unlike any other website you’ll be given detailed and REALISTIC profit calculations, so you know exactly how much you could make from each product.

All this means you can dramatically reduce the time and effort it normally takes to source hot products with a proven demand. Best of all you can avoid costly mistakes and all the hassle that goes with it.

Click here to gain instant access for just £9.95

I’ve been selling on eBay, Amazon and my own niche websites for 7 years. I’m a regular contributor to eBay Confidential and have published bestselling courses including Powerseller Secrets and The Ultimate eBay Success System. I’m also an approved eBay trainer and have helped thousands of people to create their own eBay home businesses.

And through working with ambitious eBayers I knew that the biggest obstacle to making consistently good money was tapping into a regular supply of products to sell.

Let me give you some more examples of the kind of products (and profits) you could look forward to with the help of The Source Report

asteriks KeyboardYou could have picked up this wireless keyboard and mouse for £14.92 and flipped it on eBay for £20.99. Even at a modest 5 a day you’d make £212.45 per week.
asteriks hulahoopSome crazes never go away! The hoola hoop has made a comeback as the latest fitness equipment. The Source Report could have tipped you off to a bundle of hoops and training DVD for £22.52. With a resale price of £27.50 you’d make £4.98 per unit – sell 5 a day for a week and you’d bank another £174.30.
asteriks Mokey Flash driveMake £430.50 per week from a Monkey flash Drive! This quirky storage device is one of those odd items that people love. And with a £6.15 profit per unit, selling 10 a day would net you £430.50 per week. And yet, this item is so small you could easily store them at home.
asteriks AviatorsThese Aviator style sunglasses are a fashion classic with a consistent demand. Sell 5 a day on eBay for £10.99 (they cost you £6.36) and you’d pocket £162.05 per week.

And now you can have immediate access to The Source Report online to give you even more specific product selling recommendations, along with specific wholesale details, all backed up with hard research that proves they are hot sellers.

To get your hands on the latest recommendations in
The Source Report today, simply click on this link

Try out The Source Report today and see how much you could make (and save) with specific product recommendations for just £9.95 for 30 days.

If you decide it’s not for you simply let us know and we will cancel your subscription and return your fee.

To secure access to The Source Report and to claim a 30-day risk-free trial, just click this link

Simply fill out your details and I’ll send you instructions to gain immediate access to The Source Report.

Now you have Everything You Need to
Make Money Selling Online

Join The Source Report today and you’ll get the precise recommendations of

- The hottest in-demand products
- Details of trusted wholesale sources to buy them from
- Where to sell online
- Full profit calculations

PLUS! As a member of The Source Report website, I’ll also give you full training on how to maximise your profits. Join today and you’ll gain access to step-by-step videos that teach you the best way to sell your products successfully.

You’ll also be given resources, tips and techniques I have tested and used over the last 7 years to make a great income from selling online.

If you want a shortcut to selling online, please respond

Yes, there’s plenty of money to be made by following the recommendations in The Source Report but this information can only be released to a few people.

Why? Much as I’d like to share these product alerts with thousands of people, it would soon mean that the market would become even more competitive, profits squeezed and the money in your pocket severely reduced.

And that’s why these product sourcing research recommendations can only be released to a limited number of people.

The Source Report team and I are constantly monitoring the sales statistics for all products recommended and can tell very quickly if the market is about to become too competitive.

I will then close the doors to new subscribers. It’s only fair and means if you are one of the ‘insiders’ you have the greatest possible advantage.

If you have been frustrated in your search for products to sell online (or offline) I urge you to try out The Source Report risk-free today. As you have seen, there’s the real potential to make a great second income quickly by following our recommendations.

Just click on the button below to start your risk free trial and see how much you could make.

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