“By 10.30 this morning I'd banked my first £1,000 pay day

£1,023.57 to be precise.

I still can't believe it and am shaking and pumped with adrenalin.

Pub landlord's put the champers on ice and I think I'm going to have a very merry weekend!”

Ivan Wall   


Dear Friend

If you earned £1,023.57 in a few hours, how would you feel?

Pretty good I imagine.

Well Ivan Wall was an average guy leading an ordinary life.

Yet with my help he discovered a proven legal and honest way to bring in over £1,000 in a few hours.

He didn’t leave home. (Apart from going to the pub to celebrate!)

He wasn’t selling anything.

And he didn’t gamble.

Ivan is not unique. For the past 17 years I’ve helped thousands of people to earn a great income – sometimes life-changing amounts – using a tried and tested strategy. It’s easy to learn, fun to run and has the potential to bring you a serious income fast.

I've also helped people like Pete who said:

"What an afternoon to practice what you've taught... I'm £484 up."

Or Terry who told me this after his first week following my instructions:

“Total profit £1,455 - what a brilliant cash-maker this is!”

Or Mr Walton who couldn’t help telling me this:

“It’s 7.29am, just made £185 before breakfast –
doesn’t get much better than that!”

You’ll find plenty more genuine success stories from people just like you in this report.

First let me ask you this...

If I could show you how to make at least £550 – £1,100 per
week starting today, would you be interested?

Look, if you’re anything like me you’re probably very sceptical.

Maybe you’re thinking this is just one of those typical ‘get rich quick’ schemes that promise the world but never deliver.

So let me make this as open and honest as I can. I want to give you all the facts you need to make up your own mind.

First off, I want to reassure you this has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, eBay, MLMs, franchises, horse racing or the stock market. In fact it’s a proven and respectable business that has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another.

And don’t let the word ‘business’ put you off – this doesn’t require an office, employees, stock, or any of the negatives you would associate with most businesses.

The truth is you don’t need big money to get started. You don’t need any previous experience or special skills. There’s no selling involved. In fact you never have to meet or contact anyone.

You can run it at home at your own pace, on your terms:

This is a completely legal, ethical and legitimate way to make money – one that regularly features in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and The Economist. Don’t worry, it isn’t complicated or difficult to understand. What’s more this is so well-established it’s 100% recession proof. It doesn’t matter what happens to the UK economy (or any economy for that matter), you’ll always have opportunities to profit.

And in this report I want to show you exactly how I’ve helped Ivan (and thousands of others) to build a life-changing income.

Keep reading and you’ll discover

And let me get this important bit out of the way upfront – I normally charge a significant upfront fee to give you access to my strategy (£2,336 to be precise).

However, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment, I’m inviting you to be one of a limited number of carefully selected people to access this on an easy pay-as-you-profit basis.

If you are one of the lucky few to reserve a copy (and be accepted) you can get started for just £97 + VAT.

What’s more you can try it out at home risk free for a month and see how much you make. Whatever your profit during that time is yours to keep. You are also free to return the strategy within the first 30 days and I’ll refund your fee in full.

Look, I have no doubt that this risk free trial and lowest-ever entry price will be hugely popular and the spaces will go quickly. So please, once you have read the details, I urge you to act quickly. I’ll give you full details of how to secure your place later.

I’m an ordinary bloke who just happens to have stumbled
across an amazing way to make money

Keith Cotterill at his desk

My name is Keith Cotterill.

That’s a picture of me on the right. Yes, I love a good cuppa (the bigger the better!). I have a lovely wife Mel and 2 beautiful kids, Jody and Jake.

We enjoy all the normal family stuff. We like going on holiday. Mel’s an amazing cook (she makes the best Tiramisu this side of Italy!).

Jake on his bike

Jake is a motocross nut and most weekends we put his bike in the back of the van and visit muddy fields to watch him fly through the air.

And my own passion is photography so I get to take plenty of photos with my ridiculously large telephoto lens.

Oh and I love nothing better than watching reruns of Only Fools & Horses!

Keith with his camera

I left school at 15 with no qualifications. Sorry, that’s about the extent of my sob story – as I said, I’m a normal bloke, from a normal background.

No rags to riches here. More M&S to riches!

But since the early 1990s I’ve led an enviable life. Unlike most husbands/fathers, I work from home and my day is finished by lunchtime. The rest of my time is free to enjoy.

I first discovered this way of making money in 1991. Back then it was something that was really only done by the rich and well-connected. But I managed to get my foot in the door and from nothing learnt the hard way.

And since 1995 I’ve trained over 10,000 people around the world to do just the same. I’ve coached complete beginners from all walks of life to create an independent income that allows them greater freedom to live the life they want. You’ll meet some of them as you read on.

By now you’re probably itching to find out what I do.

So let me pull back the curtain and
reveal what this is all about...

There’s a saying that ‘it takes money to make money” – well that’s a perfect description of what I’m going to train you to do.

You see, I’m a Forex trader. And trading currencies is - bar none - the most breathlessly exciting way to make money that I know of.

Even after 21 years of trading I can't even begin to describe the feeling when a trade you got into only ten minutes ago starts rocketing past the 10 pip... 20 pip... 25 pips mark, making you £25 in ten minutes from just a £1 stake... or £250 if you've staked £10 a pip... ('Pips' are profit points you make when trading the Forex.)

And then rises even higher still, before your eyes...

The thrill after you lock in a trade... the rush of adrenalin just before you start up your PC for another session... the incredible way three-figure gains can explode out of nowhere in a matter of minutes...

It's a wild ride. And I've perfected a strategy to help you join the fun - a tool that can help you grab an average 22 pips a day, in your spare time - even if you've never traded Forex in your life.

Whether you’ve dabbled in Forex before or are completely new to trading I’m going to give you everything you need to start trading profitably. I’ve removed all the usual obstacles that would normally get in your way.

A 'click-and-profit' revolution in FX trading - where 'snatching' £110 tax-free EVERY day is easier than ordering a takeaway!

I know there are a lot of over-hyped promises and exaggerated claims regarding the Forex market. Maybe you’ve come across a few of them before. Perhaps you’ve even tried (and failed) to crack the Forex market yourself.

But stick with me a few minutes... what I have for you is very different.

You're about to discover a proven strategy that lets you play the currency game by your own rules... on your own timetable. A tool that does almost everything for you - finds the trade, suggests an entry point, exit point and stop loss, even monitors the trade for you while it's in progress - giving you everything you need.

This is the closest you'll ever get to 'dot-to-dot' currency trading.

And today I’m inviting you to put this claim to the test. You see, I'm putting my own money on the line with this promise...

I predict that within 30 days you'll be using my software to trade an average weekly Forex income of between £550 and £1,100, depending on what you want to stake.

That's between £28,600 and £57,200 per year, TAX-FREE. And of course you can paper trade all this to see for yourself.

I know it's an ambitious pledge.

But I’m confident I can deliver.

Throughout this letter, you’ll see many more testimonials from genuine users. They prove I’m not one of the many ‘fly-by-night’ Forex gurus who make big promises but never deliver.

I’ve been sharing my trading strategies with others since 1995. They show that the potential profit claims I’m making are based on real results - the kind of earnings made by ordinary people following my strategy.

I’ll remove every obstacle that stops you from
successfully trading currencies from home

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that currency trading has become THE hottest money making trend of the past few years.

Unfortunately all types of chancers, amateurs and downright crooks have tried to cash in on the boom in Forex by creating and promoting their own systems.

Most have been thrown together by people who are not professional traders. They may have a year or 2 experience (at most). And it shows. What they offer rarely works over the long term. Sure you might be lucky and catch a system during a good period, but as market conditions change, most fail.

Knowing that they have a short lifespan, most publishers price these systems low – that way they can attract those new to Forex with attractive offers. The result is most people get sucked in by the hype (and clever marketing) but end up disappointed and out of pocket. Worse, they feel that trading Forex is not for them.

Maybe you’ve had similar experience. Yes, there are some ‘good guys’ out there with decent strategies, but they are a rare breed.

Look, I want to prove to you that Forex can be a great place to make money. I’ve built a reputation since 1995 as an honourable and trustworthy guy when it comes to trading.

And far more important, my strategy works.

You see, I provide serious people like you with tools and strategies that have been proven over the long term. I started back in 1991 and have been trading my own account ever since. And from 1995 I have shared them with people who are serious about making money from home trading.

Until recently I admit that my strategy – The Ultimate FX Predictor – was reassuringly expensive. However I also know that the high upfront investment meant many people were locked out and had to try the ‘cheap’ alternatives out there.

But now, I have decided, in one bold move, to undermine all the chancers and give you access to the best (in my opinion) Forex trading system for a fee that is open to all.

But a word of warning: I’m limiting the numbers who can get on at this low entry price. And this may well be the last time you see this offer, so I urge you to keep reading until the end of this report and then reserve your free home trial.

If you fancy making £28,600 to £57,200 TAX FREE
every year, here’s what I propose . . .

If you secure your risk-free home trial of The Ultimate FX Predictor today, I'll show you how to turn on your computer each morning (or lunchtime) and pocket 10, 20, 30 and in some cases 40+ pips per day.

At just £5 per point, that would be up to £200 pure profit each day.

And here's the CRUCIAL part...

You'll be making this part-time income without all the usual Forex 'turn-offs' – no complex charts, scary jargon, confusing analysis, and the countless hours chained to your computer screen...

Like me, you could easily have your entire day sorted by 11am!

Let me be clear: I'm not in the business of making the kind of wild claims you'll come across elsewhere. You won't be reeling in hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from this - especially from the modest stakes I recommend you start with.

But I CAN promise you this...

Without any previous Forex experience, you’ll quickly learn how to jump in and out of the currency markets and grab between 10 and 30+ pips each day you trade.

Even if £5 to £10 stakes are a little big for you at first, that's fine. You can paper trade to start with... OR you can use this tool to bring in a handy £110 to £275 a week... using tiny stakes of £1 to £2.50. (Don't forget - all your profits are tax free. You keep every penny.)

And you can try out my system without risk or obligation for a whole month to see if it’s right for you. What’s more, if your application is accepted today, you can try it on a ‘pay as you profit’ basis for a first payment of just £97 + VAT (it’s normally £2,336!).

So if you are interested, please make sure you register your interest today. Keep reading and then go to the end of this page and click on the button.

(Alternatively, if you can already see that this is a genuine offer with potential to make you money, then click here and you’ll be taken directly to the priority reservation page. You can then start your 30 day risk free home trial)

Imagine getting hold of my Forex trading strategy for the first time and bringing in nearly £1,000 in just your first week!

It happened to Terry Hodgkinson. After seven days he'd racked up £1,455 clear profit. And yet he'd never even heard of my trading strategy a week earlier!

And Terry isn't alone...

Listen, I've been trading since 1991. I've taught thousands of trading novices how to 'go it alone’ at home. Before coming to me, Julian Millman had tried many Forex systems. But after trying my system here’s what he said:

“...Have been trading now for about 3 years but nothing comes this good and very easy to use as The Ultimate FX Predictor. Don’t take my word for it, just get it and give it ago. I roughly make 100+ pips a week even on those quiet days and there's no way Keith is getting this system back off me.”

How much could you make over the long
term with my Forex strategy?

“Absolutely Brilliant!”
“Amazing Results”
“Super System”

Here are just a few of the rave reviews for The Ultimate FX Predictor

"...I traded twice today, around 7.30am to around 8.20am and made 44 pips (WOW) then again around 9.30 - 10.10am or there about and made another 55 pips (A BIG WOW) so in my first ever days trade I made 99 pips (WOWWWWWWWW). Sorry to sound like mad man but I am still in shock. A big thank you to all of you for such a fantastic product." - G H

"Yesterday I made 66 pips and today another 62 pips, it just keeps rolling in. What a fantastic product this is and everyone should have one at home, it's your very own cash generating machine, brilliant" - G S Hepburn

"Had The Ultimate FX Predictor for just over a week now and I'm 308.3 pips up! Enjoying every minute of it... Only started with £200 bank but now over £340 at 0.50p pip..." - John

"I just wanted to let you know that I made my first 10 pips today and WOW what a feeling!." - Teri Pentney

"Another good trade this morning... A nice 36 pips in the bank." - Linda

"Just another email to say 113 pips yesterday. Keep thinking I'm going to wake up and find this cannot be true.." - L Harrold

"... Well, it's Thursday and I have 115 pips profit for the week, nearly all before 7.30 am. I do like it when this happens and I can get on with other things for the rest of the day.... Thanks again for a super system." - Alan Hales

"151 pips in total... Using the system for only a few hours over 4 days... truly awesome result" - W.H.

There are plenty more success stories
and unsolicitied testimonials praising
The Ultimate FX Predictor – you can
check them out here

As you’ve seen the results can be spectacular in the first few days of live trading. You really could be pulling in serious wins quickly with The Ultimate FX Predictor.

But you’d be crazy to base your decision on a few ‘lucky’ trades.

That’s why I’m happy to report the potential profits over the long term are just as impressive. Robert Sowter emailed me to share his trading success story...

" I started to trade seriously and quickly built my profits to around 100 pips per week, having set my initial daily target at 20 pips and later increasing it to 30 pips, which is still my current daily target. So I have been making 150 pips average [per week], for the past fourteen to fifteen months."

And let me put Robert's results into some perspective.

If you were making 150 points a week at £5 a point, you'd pocket £750. Over a year that would be £37,500 (if you allow 2 weeks for holiday). At £10 a point you could potentially pull in £75,000 in the next 12 months - tax-free!

Of course we both know what really counts is how much you can make. And here’s the easiest way I know of letting you prove it for yourself.

How much will you bank in the next 30 days?

I've perfected an easy to use Forex software that gives you everything you need to start trading confidently - and profitably - within as little as 48 hours of downloading it onto your PC.

Of course, I don't expect you to take my word for it. So, with your permission, I'd like you to try out my strategy on a risk free home trial basis...

Based on feedback, users of my trading software are bringing in between 12 and 32 pips per day. Some, as you've already seen, have been raking in much higher gains than this. But as I've said, it pays to be realistic and conservative, especially if you're new to trading.

So I believe you could average around 22 pips daily within the first month...

That would be a tidy and tax-free £550 to £1,100 per week - using stakes you're comfortable with, and trading ONLY at times that suit you.

Accept my invitation today and I'll rush you this 'plug-in-and-profit' Forex trading software.

If it doesn't help you hit an average of 22 pips per day (some days will be a bit higher, some will be lower) inside the first 30 days, email me and let me know. I'll refund you the discounted 'road-test' fee in full.

That's a win-win deal.

It shows how confident I am that you'll see the huge profit potential as soon as you have this Forex tool in your hands.

Let me tell you: there's nothing quite like the first time you 'grab' double-digit pips in one day - knowing that you've just made the equivalent of a whole extra day's pay... simply by clicking the mouse for 45 minutes!

And after this one month trial, when you get more confident, I believe you'll reach a MINIMUM of 30+ pips per day - that's between £750 and £1,500 per week (£37,500 and £75,000 a year).

I'll show you how to apply for a 30-day risk free and no obligation home trial at the end of this letter.

But first, a warning...

The golf clubs and gardening gloves might
just start gathering some dust!

If you've got some hobbies, they may have to take a back seat for a while...

Not because this is time-consuming. It's the EXACT opposite - most of your trades will be completed in minutes, and the strategy has been designed to let you grab your pips in quick 'in-and-out' blasts.

I mean this is SERIOUSLY addictive stuff! So much so that 'pip grabbing' may soon be your new favourite pastime!

Just imagine the thrill of starting up your computer... hearing the trade alarm go a few minutes later... following the simple signals to enter and watching your trade move into profit.

I’ve been using this software for years and I still get a buzz every time it goes off.

Or the adrenalin rush you get from diving in and out of the market... making £55 here... £310 there... whenever you get a spare moment. Remember, Ivan Wall pulled in £1,023 in a single morning.

Read this if you are new to Forex: here’s how you make money trading currencies

You'd be surprised how many dive into the Forex market without a clear idea of what it actually is. So it’s worth a a quick recap.

Just imagine you're heading over to the States, and buying US dollars...

For the sake of this example, let’s say £1 will buy you $2. (Ok, that’s wishful thinking but just bear with me.)

This exchange rate can change. You could buy $2 for £1 today and then, a week later, sell that $2 for £1.12. You've made 12p - hardly a windfall to brag about. (Of course, if you did that with 10 million pounds, you'd have made £1,200,000. But who's got that kind of money under a mattress!)

That's how making money from the currency markets used to work. If you thought a currency was going to go up, the only way you could profit was by buying bucket-loads of it!
This meant it was just a game for the investment banks, hedge funds and major currency dealers.

But not anymore...

The ultimate level playing field, where YOU get to profit alongside the pros!

Now, thanks to the rise of spread betting, you can finally get a piece of the action. Spread betting involves placing a 'bet' that a currency price will move in your direction.

(If you’re new to spread betting, don't worry. The idea is very simple, and I get all new students up to speed before they start trading.)

Your golf game and garden might suffer.

But your bank balance most definitely WON'T.

If you take up my invitation, you'll also have to start making some tough decisions - on where that tax-free cash should go.

Currency movements are measured in 'pips'. You place a bet, and the more 'pips' a price moves in your favour, the more money you make.

Example... you predict the dollar will rise against the pound. You lock in your trade. The dollar rises, and the price moves 14 pips upwards. You've staked £10 per pip. Your profit is 14 times £10 = £140 tax free!

There are hundreds of these trades going on in the Forex market every day... and more and more taking place every year.

But here's the main point...

Now anyone can start acting on the dozens of currency price movements that occur every day. You no longer need to have a bank balance like Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei...

Now YOU can trade the same price movements as the large players who once hogged all the profits!

You could splash out on an exotic holiday... put money into something for the kids... slash a lump sum off your mortgage... just throw it straight into your bank account for a rainy day... OR add it to your trading bank and start upping your stakes slightly... for even greater wins in the future!

These are real decisions you might find yourself making sooner than you think.

Because playing the Forex market - with the RIGHT TOOL - offers you a rare chance to accelerate your wealth-building dramatically...

Maybe even bring your retirement date forward by a few years...

Isn’t it about time you stopped just 'getting by' -
and into a different game altogether?

Name another investment or home business opportunity that requires NO huge capital investment...

...where there's no premises, no stock to worry about, no staff, no accounting... NOT EVEN ANY TAX TO PAY...

Where you can generate up to £57,200 every year - CLEAR - just by going online at times that suit you …

And where there is NO COMPLEX ANALYSIS required from you whatsoever.

As you'll see in a moment...

If you have a PC with an Internet connection, a few spare hours each day (Monday – Friday) and can tell the difference between RED and GREEN, you have all it takes to grab cash out of the Forex markets - whenever you want.

You see, my entire system rests on two simple signals.

You log on, wait for either a red or green dot to appear on your screen. When it does, a little alarm bell will ring. So you certainly don’t need to be staring at the screen and can get on with your morning. You then just take a few simple steps and follow the software's prompt... lock in your trade - and wait for the market to move!

It's the closest to 'click-and-profit' Forex trading you'll ever get.

NO analysis. NO interpreting patterns or deciphering trends. Just look for the lights and follow the simple steps.

You'll see just how easy it is shortly. But let's back up a notch for a second...

Right now you're probably thinking "This all sounds great. But surely I need to know SOMETHING about currency trading to make this work? And I'm worried about the risk.

How can I be sure I won't lose a lot of money if I give this a go?"

Good questions.

So let me show you HOW my Forex tool works, even if you've never traded currencies before...

How it helps CONTROL your risk for you at all times...

And why I'm certain you'll be trading in profit as little as 48 hours after it's been downloaded onto your PC...

Introducing The Ultimate FX Predictor - a genuine
user-friendly REVOLUTION in home-based Forex trading

Let's face it: EVERYONE claims their system works. That's why I'm letting you test mine risk-free for the next 30 days without the normal big upfront investment.

Of course, a system's effectiveness and 'strike rate' are VERY important.

But, truth is, most people don't even get that far.


Because most serious trading tools are so complicated, you need a double masters degrees in finance and information technology just to complete your first trade!

Now imagine a proven 'point-and-click' system where there are no complicated tasks to perform... no fancy charts to interpret... no economic data to feed in... no expert forecasts to interpret...

...NONE of that stuff.

Consider this instead – here’s a system where you just turn on your computer, follow a few simple steps, and wait to see when and how to trade... by either a red or a green dot.

And that’s exactly what you get with my proven trading programme - The Ultimate FX Predictor.

This is a tool that, once downloaded onto your PC and linked to the Internet, HELPS YOU CHOOSE your trades... SUGGESTS STAKES based on your risk-profile... MONITORS THE TRADE while it's in progress... and SUGGESTS WHEN TO EXIT once your pre determined 'pip target' is reached...

Here's how it works...

If you can tell green from red, you can 'reel in' 10,
20 and 30 pips in a single day - using this
proven 'point-and-click' trading tool

When I say you need ZERO Forex experience to use this tool, I'm serious.

The Ultimate FX Predictor leads you by the hand through every stage. To get you started I’ll send you a manual plus full access to a private members-only website where I walk you through installing the software (it takes under 5 minutes) and show you how to use it to grab your pips. This should take you no more than a few hours to get through. In my opinion it's the simplest Forex system you'll ever come across, so there's not much explaining needed!

But here's a quick summary of how it works in just four simple stages...

Pretty simple, right?


If the trade is on, you'll be told how to place your order, given a suggestion about what to stake, how to set a stop loss (so you don't lose too much if it moves against you) and, most importantly, when to exit and TAKE PROFITS based on your risk profile (that you decide) and stake.

The whole process from turning on your computer to exiting a trade with 3, 8 or 16 pips can take as little as ten minutes!

Of course, if the dot DOESN'T fill then you just wait for the next opportunity.

Ultimately, YOU decide when and what to trade, and how much to stake.

And, yes, there will be trades that don't go your way. Anyone who claims their system is 100% accurate is talking rubbish. But there's a very unique risk-management system built-in to The Ultimate FX Predictor... to ensure you know when to leave a trade as soon as it starts going sour. As long as you follow this system to the letter you should keep your losses to an absolute minimum.

The bottom line is...

Making £420 tax-free while other people are struggling
to work has NEVER BEEN EASIER!

Picture this...

You start your PC on a Monday morning, hot mug of tea in hand... activate the The Ultimate FX Predictor software, click the mouse and wait for the market to show its hand...

PING! – A potential trade presents itself, you’re in-and-out in a flash... a small 6 pip win...A few minutes later, PING! Another trade is on... only this time you ride it a little longer... 14 pips!

By the time most people have struggled to work, you’ve made 42 pips. Your best haul yet. And today you were a little more adventurous, staking £10 a point.

That’s £420 tax-free in a few hours... just by looking at a few charts and clicking your mouse... And yes, this could just as easily be at lunchtime or sometimes even the evening – it’s up to you!

But here's what you might be wondering...

How does The Ultimate FX Predictor generate trades?

Listen, I really can't 'lift the hood' and show you how The Ultimate FX Predictor comes up with its picks.

Firstly because I have a highly successful methodology to protect. If you'd spent 21 years perfecting something, you'd be reluctant to give your secrets away too!

But also it would take me 500 pages or more to explain the inner-workings - and it would probably bore the hell out of you!

I've been trading since '91, and over that time I've learnt not one BUT DOZENS of factors affect the immediate future of a price at any given time - market sentiment, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), economic data like housing stats and employment figures, the geopolitical situation (plus a few key factors I'll keep to myself).

These all play parts in where a currency is headed. Most people trade the above factors alone.

That's why most people fail.

Most important - ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL - are the money movements of professional speculators. Detect which currencies the big traders and banks are buying and selling... while they're doing it... and more often than not, you profit.

If there's an easier or more convenient way to
trade the Forex market - or ANY market for
that matter - I'd love to hear about it!

You simply log on and let the software do all the painstaking research, the establishment of resistance lines, the tedious monitoring of technicals and moving averages, assessing the likely impact of subtle money movements on a currency's direction.

The Ultimate FX Predictor does all the hard work for you!

All you have to do is decide your risk and profit levels (this is easy and I’ll show you how) then you click the 'Show Potential Trade Points ‘ button and wait.

Once a trade has been identified and you've decided on your stake and your stop loss, then you go online and place your trade. (If you need to brush up on your spread betting, or are new to it, that's no problem. I'll run through it with you when you arrange for your 30 day test... I'll even help you set up an account.)

This is a 100% unique way to experience the edge-of-your-seat excitement and huge quick-fire profits that only the currency markets can offer.

Most importantly, it's an easy way to dive in and out of the market for 'smash-and- grab' 'pip steals' - each worth £125... £67... £196... £70... all tax-free!

These small money-grabs can snowball into a SERIOUS income. Remember - I believe The Ultimate FX Predictor has the potential to bring you between £550 and £1,100 TAX FREE per week in your first month. That's using medium-level stakes of £5 to £10 per pip.

If you want to go ultra-conservative and use £1 to £2.50 stakes, you could STILL be 'grabbing' between £110 and £275 per week. That's £5,720 to £14,300 extra each year - free of tax - trading at the lowest possible end of the risk-scale.

Now let me answer something that might be on your mind...

"If it works so well, why am I sharing this system with you?"

For the fame and fortune of course!

Ok, that was a joke. Yes I make money from training others. But I wouldn’t have lasted this long if I didn’t deliver.

Seriously though, I think the best answer I have is to read the genuine testimonials throughout this letter. Hopefully from them you'll see pretty clearly that I'm NOT just in this for fame and fortune... I never have been.

I genuinely love to teach. People say I'm good at it. Not just students... but my friends, my family, even my doctor (he became one of my students too!)

Helping someone else... a complete trading beginner... turn a modest starting bank into the equivalent of a full-time income in just a few months... well, that's another feeling altogether!

Listen... making money just from trading is an amazing feeling. But I get genuine satisfaction helping people lead independent, successful lives by learning how to trade from home.

Don't get me wrong - there is a charge for what I do. As you know it's usually reassuringly expensive. And it's ALWAYS backed up with a water-tight money-back guarantee.

And here's another big 'elephant in the corner of the room' I want to tackle...

What you need to know about the risks involved in trading

We’re both adults. I’m not going to insult you by ignoring the facts.

I've seen way too many shady operators downplay the risks of currency trading.

So let me be clear: All trading involves the risk of losing money. If it didn’t then we’d all be millionaires. But it is the way you handle risk that matters and will ultimately mean the difference between long-term success and short term failure and giving up.

When trading Forex (or any market) you should NEVER bet more than you're prepared to lose! This is not for widows and orphans and you must certainly not consider remortgaging the house!

If you are deep in debt and desperate to start making money using my system, please don’t be tempted.

Of course, some trades will go against you and you'll be closing out with a loss. That's fine though. Because making a consistent income on the Forex market is as much about managing your losing trades as it is picking winners.

Again, I believe The Ultimate FX Predictor does this better than any other trading tool on the planet.

For starters, I insist that anyone who trades under my guidance must NEVER put more than 5% of their bank at risk on any individual trade. The rule stands today.

Further there are some capital protection methods embedded in the software. These mean that even your 5% or less is heavily protected if a trade moves the wrong way.

We won't be eliminating risk entirely from your trading. We'll simply be reducing it to a massive degree - so you ALWAYS aim to get your 22+ pips a day on average - and so you trade month-after-month in overall profit.

Of course - as I always stress to my students - what I'm offering you today is NOT JUST about profits...

It's about GETTING IT RIGHT in an area where so
many others get it wrong...

It's about breaking free from the crowd and 'playing smart' with the money that's available to you...

You'll find there is nothing sweeter or more intoxicating than watching a trade YOU'VE backed race in the right direction before your very eyes. Sure, the tax free cash is fantastic... But it's also the fact that you're doing something YOURSELF to get ahead in life, while so many people just cruise along on autopilot.

If you're willing to take a bit of a calculated risk in order to bring in an extra £28,600-£57,200 tax-free in your spare time... and if you're excited about what you've read so far...

Then please read on, because I've set up something pretty special for you...

Starting your The Ultimate FX Predictor 'test-drive' couldn't be easier...

All you need to do is to click here and go through to the reservation form. Your 30-day no-obligation trial will begin as soon as the The Ultimate FX Predictor trading package reaches your doorstep.

Here's what you'll receive...

• The Ultimate FX Predictor Online Training Tutorial

"He's just a great teacher, generous with his knowledge and dedicated in helping us understand the principles that we should be considering in our trading decisions." G. Squire.

The TUFXP Package

I've put everything onto a private members-only website and easy to follow desktop manual.

Your journey to forex trading success profits begins as soon as you start watching. It's like having me as a tutor you can constantly refer to, 24/7 in your own home.

I'll walk you through everything you need to know - downloading the software, the ins and outs of the foreign exchange markets and useful tips on spread betting, including setting up an account.

Most importantly, I'll hold your hand through every stage of using the software to place profitable trades.

With each stage, you'll have the software there and operating right in front of you, with me speaking to you and explaining exactly what's going on. In no time you'll be able to track real-time trades as you learn... in the comfort of your own home... without risking a penny of your money while you get to grips with the software.

As I've said, it's a true 'point-and-click' tool, so the tutorial itself won't take you long to get through. But you'll have this extensive resource on-hand whenever you need it. You can review, rewind and have total control over the pace you learn.

• The Ultimate FX Predictor Trading Edge Software (normally £2,336!)

"Would just like to give my input on the software - fantastic is all I can say at the moment . . . my first days trading 21 pips pure profit in my account before 8am!!." Chris Bluhm

This is the platform from which you'll launch your £550 to £1,100 per week currency trading adventure. You've seen throughout this letter why it's different from ANY Forex trading software you might have tried before.

When you use The Ultimate FX Predictor to spot winning currency trades, you don't need to bother with the technical analysis, moving averages, support levels, 'carry trades' or 'squaring moves'. The software makes everything so easy for you.

Just activate the software and 'live data' will start feeding from the markets. Wait for the software to analyse the market, look out for the red or green signal, and then you simply decide whether to trade or not.

You'll also receive clear instructions on how to manage the risk of each trade, including stop losses and profit limits.

• FREE Software Upgrades worth £££s

I want to make sure that you profit from my strategy for years to come. You see, I’m continually tweaking and improving the trading software to make it easier to use, more accurate and powerful.

But unlike other companies I don’t charge you a fortune to upgrade – in fact I won’t ask you for a penny! Instead you get all The Ultimate FX Predictor software upgrades absolutely free. That’s potentially thousands of pounds worth of software upgrades at no extra cost.

• One Month's FREE Customised Forex Data (Value: £56)

Customised data straight out of the financial markets is the life-blood of The Ultimate FX Predictor. For the software to be a TRUE 'click-and-profit' tool... for it to make all the tough decisions for you... it needs just one thing only: a steady flow of live Forex price data.

At the time of writing, this data normally costs about £56 a month (please note this isn't paid to us but to an established data provider) - a tiny price when you consider my software could help you create a TAX-FREE weekly income of between £550 and £1,100. Nevertheless, during your one-month 'road-test' this data will be FREE.

UNLIMITED First Class, Free Backup, Guidance
and Support (Value: priceless!)

I believe The Ultimate FX Predictor gives you the simplest way to play the Forex market. Nevertheless, if you have any questions or queries, you'll find our level of support is second to none...

"The back-up from Keith and his staff is efficient and friendly but the thing that comes across to me most is this: their honesty - they genuinely want you to succeed, and are willing to help in a reasonable way." Tom

"Keith and his team are 'real people' and Keith is clearly passionate about his trading..." Paul

"I haven't needed to email Keith and his support team that much but when I do the response is prompt and very useful." Mike Holwill

"Keith is a great teacher and I have also contacted some of the help team all very helpful..." Ian MGee

Unlike some of the fly-by-night Forex 'gurus' out there, I don't believe in leaving a job half done.

That’s why I’ve made sure you have direct, free and unlimited access to my support team (all previous students like you).

And you'll have this for as long as you want it.

To be honest I doubt if you will need to use the support after the first month as you get set up to trade, but it's there for you to use, as long as you like...

Plus you'll get full access to the new members-only forum where you can ask questions and share your trading experiences with fellow students.

How much would you pay to make a
potential £550 - £1,100 per week?

Take a look around and you'll find loads of 'trading packages' on offer. Simple charting platforms like eSignal will cost you up to £300 A MONTH - and all you're getting is technical babble where you have to unravel the trends and make your trading decisions.

All-in-one software programs could set you back between £3,000 and £6,000 - but YOU still end up having to do the work reading the charts, monitoring newsfeeds, and choosing from DOZENS of buy and sell signals spat out at any one time.

You could go to a seminar and learn all about the 'inner workings' of the currency markets. But do you really want to know all that technical stuff? Even if you do, this 'background' will cost you anywhere between £800 and £5,000 for ONE DAY...

With The Ultimate FX Predictor, I built a Forex strategy that worked both in the short and the long term.

This is reflected in the reassuringly expensive price you’d normally have to pay.

Let me be totally frank with you. Until recently, unless you had £3,000 spare, you would not have a chance to try The Ultimate FX Predictor.

Officially the full trading programme is available for a one-off investment of £1,947 + VAT. You’d also need a recommended £1,000 starting bank. And to be honest I think that’s a fair price to pay for a tool that could help you generate a lifelong income of between £28,600 to £57,200 a year - tax-free and in your spare time. Remember you also get lifetime support and free software upgrades and never have to pay.

But you know what?

If you move fast, YOU won't have to pay this price upfront.

I know that despite The Ultimate FX Predictor being incredibly popular that upfront price puts a lot of people off. Worse, it drives many people who desperately want to trade Forex into the open arms of all the ‘gurus’ and unworkable systems out there.

I don’t think that’s fair and I’ve decided to make a big change to the way you can access The Ultimate FX Predictor.

Look I don’t want to add to your money worries I want to help you solve them!

So, I’m going to make this really easy for you. Rather than investing the full price upfront, I’ve come up with an easy payment option.

So here’s my proposal: For a strictly limited period, on a first come first served basis, all you need to get your hands on The Ultimate FX Predictor and start trading is just £97 + VAT (Total: £116.40).

That's a discount of 95% on the official upfront price.

Reserve your place today and I’ll send you the software and instructions and access to full technical support. What’s more you’ll get free data feed for one month.

You can use the manual, load the software and go through the video training modules. Feel free to contact support if you have any questions (no matter how simple or stupid you might think they are) and they will be happy to help you get set up.

Within a few days you’ll have everything in place to start trading. It’s entirely possible that by the end of your first week trading you could be pulling in 10 – 20 pips in just a few hours.

Now, even if you made just 10 pips a day at £1 per point (remember that’s less than half of the minimum I expect you could make) you’d bank £50 per week – over a month you could easily cover the initial start fee plus a nice profit.

Let me be clear, at ANY time during your 30 day trial you feel The Ultimate FX Predictor isn’t for you – for any reason at all – just send it back for a full refund of your £97+ VAT activation fee. You can keep all profits made.

Now, as I suspect, you’ll see the huge potential of this software (and hopefully be making real money from your trades), you then pay just £154.00 (+ VAT) per month for 12 months. So apart from that and your data feed, you have no other costs (apart from your betting bank of course).

So let’s break this down and see what you could be making.

At £10 a point, still making just 22 pips per day, you’d pull in £4,400 – or a clear tax-free profit of £4,164 per month!

Now, once you get to your final instalment The Ultimate FX Predictor is entirely yours. You never have to pay another penny for the licence. In fact you’ll also get free lifetime upgrades and support.

What if you decide to return UFXP after 6 months?

Look, I know some people enjoy trading and make good money, but for one reason or another they have to give it up. No problem, send it back and you won't owe anything more. I’ll disable the software remotely and you are under no further obligation whatsoever. Again, any profits you make are yours to keep.

And don’t forget even the first discounted upfront fee is backed up by my 100% rock-solid money-back promise:

Take The Ultimate FX Predictor and use it on the currency markets for a full 30 days. Because you'll be trading within hours of finishing your tutorial, this is more than enough time to 'road-test' this new 'plug-in-and-profit' Forex software.

If you don't hit an average of 22 pips per day (that's £550 to £1,100 per week using £5 to £10 stakes) inside the first month, just return the course and I'll refund your first payment in full.

Look, I am taking a big risk releasing The Ultimate FX Predictor on this pay-as-you-profit basis.

I expect a lot of tyre kickers will be eager to try it out.

But I also know there are a huge number of genuine people out there (like you) who just need that extra help to get started.

Now, as The Ultimate FX Predictor has sold thousands of copies at the full single price AND most importantly has helped people to make great second incomes from home, I am supremely confident that most people will be more than happy to pay the installments.

However, this could all backfire terribly for me.

So please, only reserve your copy, if you can say yes to the following:

If you can genuinely say yes to all of the above then I’d love to help you to make money from the Forex markets.

One warning. I expect this easy payment plan to be hugely popular. This offer won't be open forever. The support team are there to provide intensive help, but if too many people come onboard we would quickly become stretched.

What’s more if I get too many timewasters I will pull this offer and it will revert to the full upfront payment.

This offer will be strictly limited and could be removed without warning – so make sure you reserve your copy today

But if you can spare the £97 + VAT activation fee I urge you to reserve your copy right away. Simply click on the ‘Reserve Your Trial Copy Here’ button at the end of this report and go through to the secure payment page. Fill in your details and I’ll rush you the entire Ultimate FX Predictor programme.

You've read many testimonials from all kinds of people who I've already helped create five-figure tax-free incomes trading from home.

Don't wait another second. To reserve your copy, click the button below and go through to the secure order page.

Remember, you're under no obligation - if you aren't 'clicking yourself' 22 pips a day within the month... or just feel this isn't for you... I'll refund you your fee and that will be that.

I look forward to helping you crack the Forex market!

Best regards

Keith Cotterill Signature

Keith Cotterill

PS: Once reassuringly expensive, now available to all – if you’re quick! Please don't put this aside. If you've got a gut feeling this is the Forex market break-through you've been looking for... and if you're happy to give it a good run for the next 30 days RISK FREE... why not snap up this special discounted price and part-payment offer while you can?

For a limited time and on a first come first served basis, I'm knocking 95% off the regular upfront activation fee.. so you can see how much you could make without money worries.

This should be a 'no-brainer'. To take up this easy payment offer, click on the link below.

PPS: I promise you that YOU WILL NOT FIND another Forex tool that:

But don't take my word for it. Try The Ultimate FX Predictor for yourself for 30 days. If it's not everything I've said in this letter and more, I'll refund you in full.

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